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Saint Andrews Travel Tips

4.0 stars

Insider advice for your Saint Andrews vacation

Not only for golfers 4 stars
The charming St. Andrews, in the coast of Fife and about 55 miles from Edinburgh, is a great place to visit in a travel to Scotland. The city is known as the home of Golf, once the sport was first played there around 1400. Nowadays, many championships take place in St. Andrews, which receives people from worldwide, including artists and princes, who come to play in one of the seven Golf courses, including the Old Course, very renowned among the players. The city is also very interesting for non-players (it is my case!) and has many other attractions such as St. Andrews Museum, St. Andrews Cathedral, St. Andrews Castle and Fife Coastal Path, the best one, in my opinion. From there, you can have a lovely view of the coast. Besides this, the amazing architecture is inviting for a walk along the city and St. Andrews has great structure for the tourists, with a range of shops, hotels and restaurants, offering great options.


The Royal Ancient Gulf Club 5 stars
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Located in St. Andrews, the club is seen as an enormous building with different specialized rooms. The costs and rules of the game are explained to you before beginning to play. If you are not a fan of gulf and have never played before, a practice room is expecting you and the trainers are ready to teach you everything you need to know. If you decide you should have your own instruments for playing, you have complete access to a shop which contains everything, from balls to sticks, the price differing by means of quality, but of course, very high. I liked the club a lot and, even if I couldn't play gulf, I soon became ready to be taught.


St Andrews 4 stars
St Andrews is the old religious centre of Scotland, home of Scotland's oldest university, and of one of the world's most popular games: golf. As such, it's a haven for golf fanatics, being full to the brim with golf shops, pubs with a golf theme, hotels catering for golfers, and - naturally - pristine golf courses, including the hallowed Old Course. For those who have no interest in a good walk spoiled, try the other end of town, where the ruined cathedral hunches, sulkily overlooking the bay, harbour and pier. Climb St Rule's tower for a good view over the old city, and, on Sundays during term time, look out for red-robed students doing the traditional 'pier walk' at some risk to their lives! There are more pubs per square mile in St Andrews than anywhere else in the world, and I can recommend a bottle of St Andrews ale, if you can find it. There are great quantities of excellent bed and breakfasts, as well as hotels ranging from the luxurious to the slightly laughable, and all in all it's a fantastic place to visit.


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