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St. Petersburg Hotels

4.0 stars

St. Petersburg hotel reviews from travelers

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Grand Hotel Europe 5.0 stars
#1 of 4 Hotels in St. Petersburg
Hotel Class: 5.0 stars
When hospitality business becomes more and more competitive in the region then local hoteliers need to distinguish themselves on the market. For example my grand ... [more ]
Rooms from
$ 375.00
Saint-Petersburg Vacation Homes 5.0 stars
#2 of 4 Vacation Homes in St. Petersburg
Saint-Petersburg has a real lack of accommodation in general and budget accommodation in particular. During the high season it is almost impossible to find something ... [more ]
Casa Leto 5.0 stars
#3 of 4 Hotels in St. Petersburg
This is a small private hotel which is situated in historical building with apartments. This hotel has a "like-at-home" atmosphere, very different from typical hotel. ... [more ]
Hotel SPA Holiday Club 4.0 stars
#4 of 4 Hotels in St. Petersburg
Hotel Class: 5.0 stars
Holiday Club will be the first SPA hotel in Saint-Petersburg. Although, I think Saint-Petersburg is not that much of a health-and-spa tourism destination, it still ... [more ]
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