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Santa Pola Travel Tips

4.0 stars

Insider advice for your Santa Pola vacation , Costa Blanca

The Salt Pans. 3 stars
As you travel through Spain, if you take N332 from Alicante south you will pass through Santa Pola. In Santa Pola, although it is no open attraction, the scenery is both intriguing as well as unique. Santa Pola has become one of the biggest exports of salt in the world, and the mountains of salt that you pass are right on the roadside. Not only that, the special salt pans that they use to extract the salt from line the road. So as you drive the narrow road surrounded by lakes on both sides, keep an eye out for pink flamingo's that frequents the lakes, basking in the salt themselves. It is really a unique sight to behold and not one to be missed.


Watchtowers of Santa Pola 4 stars
On one of my visits to Santa Pola I have been to look at some of the Watchtowers.
Apparently some Watchtowers were built in 1552 to warn the townspeople when enemy pirates were in sight. The towers signalled between each other by means of smoke signals in the daytime and lights at night.
The towers can be found at Torre del Tamarit (by Tamarit Beach). In the Salinas (the Saltpans area). Escaletas in the surrounding mountains. And Atalayola by the lighthouse of Santa Pola.
I have walked this area, and you can easily see the one by Tamarit beach, the one in the Salinas, when walking or driving around that area, from the Levante promenade you can see the mountain Watchtower, and when driving north out of Santa Pola, you can see the tower by the lighthouse.
Again, an interesting bit of history of the town.

More information can be found at one of the two tourist information offices in Santa Pola. Many leaflets are printed in English and other languages.

Santa Pola is a town in the province of Alicante, in the Land of Valencia, Costa Blanca, Spain.
It is 10 kilometres from Alicante (El Altet) airport and about 15 kilometres from Alicante city.


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