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Santiago de Compostela Travel Tips

5.0 stars

Insider advice for your Santiago de Compostela vacation , Way of St. James

Santiago de Campostela 1 stars
Has anyone made the pilgrimage?


Santiago de Compostela and the Camiño 4 stars
The Camiño de Compostela is the ancient pilgrim’s route across Europe to the great cathedral city of Santiago de Compostela and although it’s traditional to start at the French/Spanish border many walkers (myself included) choose to start closer in and experience the wonderful scenery of Galicia of the last 100km or so.

Whether you’re undertaking the walk as part of a profession of faith or as a pleasant hike I’d hugely recommend it; the countryside is beautiful, the trail is well marked and there are cheap (sometimes free) basic “refugio” which you need to hold a pilgrim’s passport to use. The passport can be obtained from tourist information or from the refugios themselves and is called a credencial. You get it stamped at each refugio and it proves a record of your pilgrimage and is used to get a Compostela certificate issued once in the city itself.

My main advice is to take your time, savour the countryside you’re passing through and the other people you’ll meet along the way. A good starting point for a four/five day walk which will qualify you for the Compostela is the town of Sarria.


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