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São Joaquim Vacations, Tourism and Travel

2.0 stars

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Scary bus ride!

Although I've never had a head for heights, I thought that braving treacherous Andean mountain roads last year had pretty much cured my fear. Not so, as I discovered on board our bus heading for Sao Joaquim, Brazil's highest city.

At first the ride was a pleasant climb among pretty mountain roads and I was contentedly taking in the view, but then the bus began to climb sharply, and I could see the road twisting around incredibly steep, high curves above us. It wasn't long before I had to swap places with my boyfriend and let him have the window seat. I cursed my feeble nerves as I watched the Brazilian passengers rush from side to side (not helping my stomach) on the bus,... [more ]

Cold weather, curious locals

Sao Joaquim, which sits right on the border between the states of Santa... [more ]

(Relatively) wild camping

Sao Joaquim is famous for little other than its altitude and its occasional... [more ]

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1. Urubici Park 4.0 stars
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