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Sao Paulo Vacations, Tourism and Travel

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Traveling across Brazil - Tiete giant central bus station

If you want to find a cheap way to travel across Brazil and other South American countries – buses are a good option. In São Paulo you must then head to the Tiête buses central station. This is one of the largest buses central stations in the world!! People arrive from all over Brazil to São Paulo – it is like a giant “farm of ants”, you almost feel the ground moving! From Tiête you can also take buses to Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, etc..

The place is easy to reach by underground – it is located near the station Portuguesa-Tiête. Connections to the Guarulhos Airport also exist – so in all a voyage across Brazil may bring you to Tiête one way or the other.

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Sao Paulo for beach bums!

Think of Sao Paulo and you'll doubtless conjure up images of skyscrapers,... [more ]

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1. Museu do Ipiranga 4.0 stars
2. Teatro Municipal 4.0 stars
3. Praca Liberdade 4.0 stars
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