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Philippines Bars

4.0 stars

Philippines bar reviews from insiders

Cupcakes by Sonja 4.0 stars
Asian, Café in Taguig
The moment I stepped inside Cupcakes by Sonja, I knew I wouldn’t be able to turn back. Saying that I found my happy place would be an understatement; I’m telling you, it was love at first sight. The motif is a quaint and dainty 50’s vintage ... [more ]
Seattle's Best 5.0 stars
Café in Quezon City
There are just tons of reasons why you should go back to Seattle’s Best. The venue itself houses some of the most interesting people I have seen and conversed with in my entire life, thus becoming a reason on its own; the place also provides a ... [more ]
Sarah's 5.0 stars
Asian, Bar in Quezon City
After a tiring day’s work, there are times when you just want to go somewhere to relax with friends, right? And when you’re inside the University of the Philippines Diliman, there’s just no other way to do than to hang out in one of the most ... [more ]
Magic Wand 3.0 stars
Asian, Café in Las Piñas
I’ve been to a lot of places but Magic Wand compels me to come back every single week mainly because of its food. Aside from the flavors that I love, it’s the fact that I can fill my hungry stomach with $4.00 only that really made me a fan of ... [more ]
420 Lounge Bar and Restaurant 3.0 stars
Local, Bar in Las Piñas
hi there... i was just wondering if 420 lounge bar caters for large groups let say for example a reunion of 50++ pax? if yes, can you please give me a menu and a quote for it... thanks! [more ]
Backdoor Blues 4.0 stars
Asian, Bar in Quezon City
A bar that stays open until late and serves not only cold beer and great eats at most affordable prices but also the best blues music ever? Come on! Need I say more on why I keep coming back to Backdoor Blues? Once you see how this bar was ... [more ]
Coffee Way 4.0 stars
Asian, Café in Quezon City
After our first visit, it was just a matter of time before I became a regular. It’s funny that I didn’t notice the mini library on my first café tour. But then I was glad when I found out that I can also read books while chilling out with a cup ... [more ]
Cafe Quezon 4.0 stars
Asian, Café in Quezon City
Every visitor has his own reasons for coming back to Café Quezon. As one of the frequent or I say regular customers of the café, I have my simple yet convincing reasons why I love this place. Firstly, the café is one of the best local coffee ... [more ]
Bag of Beans 5.0 stars
Café in Tagaytay
My best guy friend thinks fruit pies are girly, and prefers the meat pies that the Bag of Beans coffee place bakes fresh daily then freezes in cold storage. Recently on a trip back from Tagaytay City, he brought home a combination of frozen ... [more ]
Embassy Super Club 5.0 stars
Local, Bar in Taguig
Out of all the clubs in the Philippines, Embassy is without a doubt the most famous/infamous. It is often visited by the most popular celebrities in the Philippines. The club hires excellent DJs every night to ensure a wonderful clubbing ... [more ]
Bob's Cafe 4.0 stars
Asian, Café in Bacolod
Bob's Cafe is a series of coffee places/cafes serving great meals at good prices from Bacolod City. It can be found practically everywhere in the small city often a few streets away from each other or in the major malls like Robinson's Mall ... [more ]
Hey Jude 4.0 stars
Italian, Bar in Boracay
Named after that Beatles song, Hey! Jude Boracay is a place where the beautiful come to see and be seen. Nestled in the middle of the island’s beautiful stretch of white sand, this bar turned hotel offers the best of the island from its amenities ... [more ]
Mona’s Bakeshop 3.0 stars
Asian, Café in Quezon City
Mona’s Bakeshop is one of my newly discovered gems largely because of its being eternally open to customers (except maybe during Sunday nights.) This unique bakeshop is located among rows and rows of houses, dormitories, apartments, convenience ... [more ]
Dolce Superclub 2.0 stars
Local, Bar in Quezon City
I'll go straight to the point. DOLCE SUPERCLUB SUCKS. I've been to bars all over Manila, Makati, Quezon City, etc. and I would have to say that dolce superclub is really bad compared to the clubs I've been to. With all due respect, dolce ... [more ]
Sweet Inspirations 2.0 stars
Local, Café in Quezon City
I am regular customer and today was the worst experience in Sweet Inspiration. I had breakfast today, May 22, 8:12 AM and they had the worst service for their buffet, no water given (i almost choked to death), no utensils given (so you had to ... [more ]
Candy Corner 5.0 stars
Local, Café in Las Piñas
I am a child at heart and for people like me, Candy Corner is a sanctuary. Since Candy Corner invaded the malls in the country, I found just the perfect place to serve my sweet tooth’s cravings. This store has candies in all shapes, sizes, ... [more ]
Mogwai 5.0 stars
Local, Bar in Cubao
Whenever you happen to be in Quezon City, drop by Cubao Expo from 6pm to 2am. Here, you will see Mogwai—a fantastic bar amidst all other wondrous shops. I like this bar because it has a pirate-cum-old movie house motif. No question about that ... [more ]
Zirkoh 5.0 stars
Local, Bar in Quezon City
If you want to laugh, laugh, and laugh, you better take a visit to Zirkoh. From what I know, it has only two branches in the Metro, one in Timog Avenue in Quezon City and another one in Greenhills, San Juan. I have never been to the Greenhills ... [more ]
Sugarhouse 5.0 stars
Local, Café in Mandaluyong
As opposed to popular belief, Sugarhouse is not all about sweets. Yes, Sugarhouse is famous for its sumptuous serving of cakes, pastries, and every thing else a sweet eater would want. But for me, it is more than just an ordinary pastry house. ... [more ]
Bread Talk 5.0 stars
Steaks, Café in Marikina
I am never that fond of breads, but whenever I step into a BreadTalk store, I can easily change my mind. There is obviously something unique with the store that draws in even non-bread lovers. Unlike a traditional bread store where I just ... [more ]
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