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Scarborough Vacations, Tourism and Travel

3.0 stars

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The typical British seaside town

Scarborough is a perfect example of the crazy British seaside – a country which really doesn’t have the weather for beach holidays! This means that most of the time our resorts are very miserable and involve kids blue with cold scampering around the beach and mothers in coats and gloves drinking tea and sheltering behind wind breaks.

Scarborough has some lovely beaches and a good promenade to stroll along (or be blown along depending on the weather). There are some brilliant cafes to eat fish and chips and drink tea when it’s raining outside and amusement arcades where you can get addicted to 2p machines. There are also lots of souvenir shops packed full of useless items... [more ]

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Scarborough - Top Locations

Top Rated Attractions

1. Chapel of St Mary's 5.0 stars
2. Scarborough Castle 3.0 stars
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