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Statues of Badische Revolution

There is one thing in Schopfheim that you can never miss, the statues of Badische Revolution. Badische Revolution occurred in 1848 / 1849, but these statues are very new. These statues are the memory of the revolution that they put there a couple years ago.

Statues of Badische Revolution are a bunch of statues in different poses on a horizontal pole, but mostly they are holding weapons. At the very left side of the pole, there is a little short guy with a dog. We don’t know who this guy is and why with a dog, but he is there. Statues of Badische Revolution are situated in the middle of the town, so you can see them while you are drinking coffee in a café, or even when you... [more ]

Schopfheim for spring and summer

Schopfheim is a little town located in the district of Loerrach in... [more ]

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1. Restaurant Happy Garden 5.0 stars
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