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Senlis Vacations, Tourism and Travel

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How to get from Senlis to Paris by train

The “Gare” of Senlis is within walking distance of the center of town. Although it looks like a train station, no trains stop here any more, just buses. If you are going back to Paris on Sunday, the buses from Senlis to Chantilly are not very frequent. It is quicker to take a bus to Roissy, and then take the RER B to Gare du Nord. In this case, don’t buy a round-trip ticket to Chantilly, just a one way. Take the bus to the last stop, which is called Roissy-Pôle. It is called Charles De Gaulle 1 on the RER B. Buy a ticket to Paris, and wait for an express train that goes directly to Gare du Nord. Otherwise you will hit every stop between Roissy and Paris – making for a long trip! [more ]

The Nonette

My day trip to Senlis was coming to an end. I left the Cathedral and made my... [more ]

Museum of the Spahis

I started my exploration of Senlis at the Musée des Spahis, the Spahis... [more ]

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1. A La Porte de Compiègne 4.0 stars
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