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Australia Clubs

4.0 stars

Club reviews from insiders

Manly Skiff Club 4.0 stars
Club in Manly
Entry to the Manly Skiff Club is like a double-edged sword if you aren't fortunate enough to be a member. If you happen to live to close to the club, and remember that is as the bird flies or ship sails (so includes places like Mosman and ... [more ]
St Jeromes 4.0 stars
Club in Melbourne
St Jeromes is a tiny night club in the City. It’s not easy to find it; most of the streets in Melbourne are similar. Once you are at the Chinatown’s gate, cross Swanston Street and you will get to a pass way covered with graffitis. Turn right and ... [more ]
World Bar 4.0 stars
Club in Sydney
One of the most popular bars in Kings Cross, especially with backpackers, is World Bar. The place has two levels and a large patio and its trademark are “teapots”, which contain – who would have thought – not tea, but cocktails and are meant to ... [more ]
Minskys 4.0 stars
Club in Sydney
Minskys is iconic on the North Shore. It is not a must-do on the tourist itinerary, but anyone wanting to enter the realms of 'local status' will need to familiarise themselves with this establishment. Drinks are average price and with a juke box ... [more ]
Prince of Wales 4.0 stars
Club in Melbourne
The Prince of Wales is a popular venue in St Kilda and has regular house nights on Saturday and then other random events including psy trance parties so check what's on before you go if you are fussy. Prices to get in vary depending on the night. ... [more ]
Th Espy 5.0 stars
Club in Melbourne
Melbourne is the capital of music. Many famous bands are coming form there like ACDC, Cat Empire and many many others… You can’t leave Melbourne without seeing few concerts. The Esplanade Hotel in St Kilda is one of the most popular rock club in ... [more ]
The Pill 5.0 stars
Club in Melbourne
Clubbing in Melbourne is full of good vibes with an open minded atmosphere. Collingwood is more oriented on pubs, but there is few night clubs which are worth to see. The Pill, on Pill Street, is a gay friendly night club open almost everyday. ... [more ]
Old City Bank Bar and Brasserie 5.0 stars
Australian, Club in Katoomba
The Old City Bank Brasserie has become one of the must try restaurants of the Blue Mountains. It is situated on Katoomba Street as part of the Carrington Hotel complex. It was once the City Bank of Sydney and been transformed into a comfortable ... [more ]
Josh's Bistro 5.0 stars
Australian, Club in Springwood
Josh’s Bistro is located at the Springwood Country Club on Hawkesbury Road. He has great food in a nice open seating inside at on a patio. There is a bar smack in the middle of the inside dining, but Josh says it is never a problem with kids ... [more ]
The Zoo 4.0 stars
Club in Brisbane
The Zoo has hosted many awesome live music acts since I've lived near Brisbane. You can see anything here from beats, hip hop, jazz, rock, and pop to acoustic, folk, dub and reggae! Just drop in on a night out in Fortitude Valley to see what ... [more ]
Metro Nightclub 4.0 stars
Club in Melbourne
Metro nightclub is a huge club that is at the beginning of Bourke Street in Melbourne's CBD. It runs regular house nights as well as events. Events can range from Drum n Bass to Psy trance so there is loads of choice on and events are pretty ... [more ]
Bubble 4.0 stars
Club in Melbourne
If you’re up for partying but low on cash I have the perfect solution! Bubble is a nightclub in the city that plays hard trance downstairs and house upstairs, plus has a smoking balcony. Normally its $18 to get in but if your either staying at ... [more ]
Club Hades 4.0 stars
Club in Melbourne
Club Hades is a relatively new night that happens in various places around Melbourne, generally monthly. The night is slightly classy but at the same time not at all. The music starts off with electro and house and slowly progresses to full on ... [more ]
The Party Niteclub 3.0 stars
Club in Gold Coast
The Party Niteclub is situated on Orchard Avenue, the main club strip in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. Locals have nicknamed it The Dungeon and it's easy to see why when you enter! It's not the most attractive of places, the walls are all ... [more ]
The Comics Lounge 3.0 stars
Club in Melbourne
The Comics Lounge is on Errol Street just north of the city. Its about $25 to get in but I wasn't that impressed with the comics. There was one or two funny people but not so funny that I couldn't breathe. Many of the comics were just not funny ... [more ]
PHD Day Club 3.0 stars
Club in Melbourne
There aren't too many day clubs/ after parties when clubs close at 6am or later in Melbourne, not that I found anyway. There are a few in Chapel Street but they are more for chilling that continuing on the party. PHD do an after party that is ... [more ]
Heist Club 3.0 stars
Club in Melbourne
Personally I had never heard of the place and I thought I knew of the clubs in the city, apparently not! Heist is open from Thursday to Sunday and offers a range of different styles of music for each night. I went on a Saturday I think (maybe it ... [more ]
Room 680 3.0 stars
Club in Howatharra
Room 680 is located in Hawthorne at 680 Glenferry Road. It usually has various events so the music can range from dance to psy trance, house to hard trance and sometimes even drum and bass. I wasn't impressed with the music on the event I went ... [more ]
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