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The Hague Travel Tips

4.0 stars

Insider advice for your The Hague vacation

The Hague 3 stars
The Hague (called Den Haag in Dutch) is a great city in the Netherlands serving as a main residence of the Queen and the European Court foe Human Rights. The city has two faces - a busy modern one around the station (I felt like in some city of the distant future) and the old core where one can enjoy the calm atmosphere of this city. There is a parliament Building and a small palace not accessed by the public, because it belongs to the Queen.


The Hague 5 stars
My first impression of The Hague was through the backdoor. We arrived in the late evening and then went straight to our hostel that was parallel to the main train station, thereby missing everything that was central and apart of the nice parts of The Hague. Like most European cities, the areas outside the old center of the city become disparagingly bleak and The Hague was no exception. I was expecting the worst and ended up loving The Hague. Three things come to mind when I think of The Hague: fun times at the beach, the wonderful museum with the “Girl with the Pearl Earring” painting, and the gorgeous Het Binnenhof or the parliamentary buildings, my favorite building in all of the Netherlands.


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