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An Acehnese wedding

We were staying with friends of a work colleague, and through them we were invited to a wedding and a baby day (to mark 40 days of age, when the baby is allowed out of the house). Both are quite business-like and involve arriving (at a flexible time), shaking hands with the main players, dropping off a present or an envelope with money inside, eating, shaking hands again and departing. At the wedding, the bride and groom were sitting on a dais wearing pink and gold costumes in a little room lined with hot pink satin embroidered in silver – a drag queen’s dreams come true. The room was unbearably hot and the couple looked as though they were about to pass out from hyperthermia and... [more ]

Going out for coffee in Sigli

Walking around town is quite entertaining, lots of motor scooters and open... [more ]

Beachgoing in a Muslim country

Going to the beach is up there with shopping at the market in terms of... [more ]

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