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Skíathos Attractions

5.0 stars
Beaches on Skiathos 5.0 stars
Beach - #1 of 5 Attractions in Skíathos
If you like peace and quiet, I recommend Agios Eleni located on the southern part of the island. Paraskevi and Kolios are shallow and suitable for children. The busiest beaches are Vromolimnos beach, 8 km from Skiathos town, and Koukounaries, ... [more ]
Lalaria Beach 5.0 stars
Beach - #2 of 5 Attractions in Skíathos
So far, my favourite beach on Skiathos is Lalaria Beach. This place offers truly stunning scenery. To the west of the bay, a rock forms a natural bridge between the sea and the beach. The beach is full of limestone and white pebbles. The water is ... [more ]
Koulounaries Beach 4.0 stars
Beach - #3 of 5 Attractions in Skíathos
My wife and I have holidayed on the island of Skiathos, we stayed in Koukounaries. The beach at this resort is absolutely fantastic. It is called ‘Chrisi Ammos’ or ‘golden sand’, because of the way it glistens in the sunlight. Skiathos is quite ... [more ]
Megali Ammos Watersports 4.0 stars
Beach - #4 of 5 Attractions in Skíathos
I was so impressed by the teenage boy who went wakeboarding at Megali Ammos when we were there. I wanted to give it a try as well, but in the end my sister and I opted for a somewhat more relaxing activity – the rings. Our driver Thanasis had ... [more ]
Megali Ammos 3.0 stars
Beach - #5 of 5 Attractions in Skíathos
Megali Ammos is a bit crowded during the whole summer, but since it’s also the longest beach on Skiathos you will probably not have any difficulty to find an empty spot. We came quite early in the morning and were almost alone on the beach. ... [more ]
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