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Sóller Vacations, Tourism and Travel

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Soller's tramway

If you want to get to the port of Soller you will need to take the tramway. This is also and old means of transport, dating from the beginning of the XX century. The tramway departs every half an hour from the square and the ride is a good chance to see a bit of Soller (a kind of short city tour). On the way, there are lots of old houses covered with boungavillas and all kinds of flowers.

You will arrive at the port and see a long line of shops for tourists. Some of these have interesting clay or wood products that are typical from the area. It is possible to find a few good things if you are patient enough to look for them. Right across there’s the marina and the beach,... [more ]

Soller, the town

On arriving in Soller the first thing I found of interest was the very train... [more ]


I am proud to say that I have lived in Soller for 3 Months.It´s small, but... [more ]

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1. Train Ride from Mallorca to Soller 3.0 stars
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