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Stockholm Restaurants

4.0 stars

Top Restaurants in Stockholm

Manna 4.0 stars
Chinese - #1 of 9 Restaurants in Stockholm
Manna is a vegan restaurant in Söderhallarna at the square Medborgarplatsen. Even though it’s a vegan eatery, they do serve Feta cheese and cow milk to some food dishes. I have only been at Manna once, a few years ago, but I would love to pay ... [more ]
Den Gyldene Freden 4.0 stars
Swedish - #2 of 9 Restaurants in Stockholm
Den Gyldene Freden, or Golden Peace in English, is one of the oldest and most famous restaurants in Stockholm. Founded in 1722 it is not a mere recreation of a typical 18th century tavern... it IS a typical 18th century tavern... except for the ... [more ]
Birkastans pizzeria 4.0 stars
Italian - #3 of 9 Restaurants in Stockholm
I have never seen such huge pizzas in my life. I was kind of suspicious when I first saw the size of them, because many times pizza with a gimmick like that doesn't taste so great. When we went the place was very busy, and a member of staff ... [more ]
Restaurang Lokal 4.0 stars
Local - #4 of 9 Restaurants in Stockholm
Restaurang Lokal was one of the only restaurants open Sunday evening in Stockholm. It is located in the district or island of Kungsholmen. I haven’t heard of guidebooks or other travel sources mentioning much about this area but the ... [more ]
Grinda Wardhus 4.0 stars
European - #5 of 9 Restaurants in Stockholm
The wind was blowing in my thinning hair, cold droplets of water were sticking to my face, and my eyes were screwed up as ice cold air clawed at my skin. I was having a ball. The sound of the engines were hardly even noticable above the whooshing ... [more ]
Naturbageriet Sattva 4.0 stars
Local - #6 of 9 Restaurants in Stockholm
Naturbageriet Sattva is a bakery and shop at Krukmakargatan 27 in the area Södermalm. I have only been here once so far, but will definitely return the next time I'm in Stockholm. This bakery is without doubt the most forward-thinking and ... [more ]
Panda Sushi 4.0 stars
Sushi - #7 of 9 Restaurants in Stockholm
I went to have a hangover dinner with my friend at her favorite sushi place in southern Stockholm: Panda sushi situated at Hornsgatan 146 A. And I do agree with her. It's a great place. You get 11 bits of sushi for 88 SEK (around 9,30 EURO) but ... [more ]
Örtagården 3.0 stars
Swedish - #8 of 9 Restaurants in Stockholm
A long time ago, Örtagården was actually the only vegetarian restaurant in Stockholm. It's definitely not the place with the tastiest food or the nicest atmosphere, but their vegetarian buffet is worth a lunch or two. We have been here twice. ... [more ]
F12 2.0 stars
Swedish - #9 of 9 Restaurants in Stockholm
I don't think I quite understood what was going on at this place. It was trying very hard to be post-modern trendy, and although it succeeded in that regard, I could have done with something a bit more relaxed and normal. The idea is that ... [more ]
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