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Stuttgart Travel Tips

4.0 stars

Insider advice for your Stuttgart vacation

Stuttgart Downtown 5 stars
I work at Stuttgart and I think it is a great city; one of the things that I enjoy the most is the fact that there are so many people walking on the street at any given hour. I also enjoy the street performers and the street artists. There is one group of girls, probably in their 20’s that play classical music with their violins and violas, I just love them. I could certainly sit there with a cup of coffee and just watch them play for hours, or to the guy making drawings on the side walk, or to the girl playing music with glasses of wine, or to the guy playing some weird Australian instrument, or to any other artist or performer there; I just love them.
Downtown Stuttgart is full of shops, so I would say it is a great place to go shopping, I have found things that I couldn’t find in my city, but well my city is more of a town.
I would definitely recommend the Palace which is right in the heart of the city centre, it is beautiful and it helps when it is so close to everything else.


City Centre 5 stars
I visited Stuttgart about one month ago, one evening. I liked it a lot and was impressed by how alive it is. The atmosphere of Stuttgart is very different to other cities in Germany. The main pedestrian area is full of people, there were street artists performing and they were preparing a big concert. I liked the main street, because it was full of shops, but unfortunately it was already too late to go shopping. There is a very beautiful castle in the centre which is worth seeing.
Stuttgart is lovely, so try to visit it!


Stuttgart Garden 4 stars
The palace in Stuttgart offers a really nice park that is 3 kilometers long. This park has paths that lead along a small lake situated right in front of the palace. Here is a nice place to take a walk or even to get some great photos of the palace. In the northern park of the park is a nice theater for seeing different theater and opera performances. In the central part of the park are ruins and also the small lake.

Getting to this park is easy on foot from the main train station. Simply go to the South part of the train station and this park is not far away.

The park is great to walk through on a sunny day. People will be drinking in the beer garden located here or simply laying in the grass reading a book. During my visit in Stuttgart I spent a lot of my time near the Kur Park where there is mineral park that is surrounded by very old trees.

One thing I noticed in these gardens is that the Germans are a lot more open about their affection than in most places. This also seems to be true about most parks in Germany.


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