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Travel Infos Austria

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Austria - Travel Infos


Austria is in the temperate region of central European climates.  All four seasons, spring, summer, autumn, and winter show distinct, typical temperature and climate characteristics.

The mountain regions offer an alpine climate – laden with precipitation (except for the inner alpine valleys, such as the Upper Inntal), with short summers and long, heavy winters.

The average temperature in July lays around 20 C and in Winter around 0 C.  Travelers should be prepared for high temperatures around 35 C, however in Winter the thermometer may drop as low as -20 C.

The best travel time for those desiring winter sports is from January to April as these months offer the best snow conditions.

Entry Regulations

To enter the country a passport or personal identification is required.  If traveling by car, a valid drivers license and registration must be present as well.

Austria’s highways and interstates are subject to vehicle tolls (“Maut”). 


Official currency of Austria is the Euro.


Some areas are considered meningitis (FSME) zones, which mean danger of tick bites. 

Please check with your local health care professional about a vaccination against FSME.

It is recommended to bring an International Green Insurance Card as proof of insurance.

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