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Travel Guide Austria

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Austria - Travel Guide

“It is my honor”….the nine states of the alpine country of Austria offer fantastic vacation opportunities for all seasons.

The country with its extremely rich cultural selection belongs in the world’s top group of cultural countries. International reputations are particularly good for the metropolitan cities of Vienna and Salzburg.  Their traditional theater fests and diverse cultural offerings make these cities shine.

The imperial city of Vienna allures visitors with its glamorous boulevards, impressive building structures from the Roman-German and the Austrian imperial eras, fairytale castles such as Chateau Schoenbrunn, the imperial palace, and the historic downtown which has become a world heritage site.

The annual Vienna Ball Season draws supporters in elegant ball gowns, tuxedos, and award medals into the royal ambiance of the imperial palace and the numerous smaller palaces around the city.  That is the yearly magic of lavish ball evenings with those famous waltz melodies.

Whether one visits the museum district, the eight largest culture district in the world, or spends some time in one of the coffee shops, or lets the wind blow through their hair in the “Fiaker”, the famous horse drawn carriages found throughout the city:  Vienna is not only worth a visit because of the “Wiener Schmaeh”, its residents, but always a special experience and makes any time spent a great event.

Aside from the countless music festivals and concerts, Austria holds true to the fact that numerous musicians such as Mozart, Beethoven, and Mahler have lived and worked here.

In the imperial city of Bad Ischl visitors can see the imperial villa, the summer residence of Emperor Franz Joseph I. and Elisabeth, and dream of times past.

Hallstatt is a small community in the Salzkammergut region, which is a part of the world cultural site registry.  It offers spectacular scenery, mountain ranges with impressive caves, art historic sites, and a mine.  It is a fascinating travel destination.  As far as 3000 years ago people lived around Lake Hallstatt, mined for salt and carried on trade and commerce.

One thousand years of history and culture have left tracks worth seeing in this country:  Austria offers a large number of architecturally impressive structures and historically important buildings.  From sacred buildings to castles and chateaus, all the way to secular and utility structures, the range is diverse and well worth visiting.  Furthermore, the alpine republic is home to some of the most beautiful skiing regions in Europe.  Particularly in times of frequent snow shortages, the glaciers of Soelden, Hintertux, or the Dachstein Mountain offer consistently excellent skiing conditions.

The active vacationer is going to feel right at home in Austria.  Countless theme trails through picturesque scenery with clear mountain streams and thundering waterfalls, as well as hiking and climbing tours through the alpine terrain guarantee relaxation, sports, adventure or thrills.  Visitors get rewarded well with views of mountains and valleys, with clear, fresh air, and heavenly peace and quiet.

Austria is a country of many faces, which is not lastly seen in its Viennese cuisine.  Hearty dishes of the former territories like Bohemia and Hungary as well as deliciously simple snacks one can try at the so called “Beisl”, shake hands with the international cuisine of top gourmet restaurants.

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