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Rizal Bars

Rizal bar reviews from insiders

Cupcakes by Sonja 4.0 stars
Asian, Café in Taguig
The moment I stepped inside Cupcakes by Sonja, I knew I wouldn’t be able to turn back. Saying that I found my happy place would be an understatement; I’m telling you, it was love at first sight. The motif is a quaint and dainty 50’s vintage ... [more ]
Magic Wand 3.0 stars
Asian, Café in Las Piñas
I’ve been to a lot of places but Magic Wand compels me to come back every single week mainly because of its food. Aside from the flavors that I love, it’s the fact that I can fill my hungry stomach with $4.00 only that really made me a fan of ... [more ]
420 Lounge Bar and Restaurant 3.0 stars
Local, Bar in Las Piñas
hi there... i was just wondering if 420 lounge bar caters for large groups let say for example a reunion of 50++ pax? if yes, can you please give me a menu and a quote for it... thanks! [more ]
Embassy Super Club 5.0 stars
Local, Bar in Taguig
Out of all the clubs in the Philippines, Embassy is without a doubt the most famous/infamous. It is often visited by the most popular celebrities in the Philippines. The club hires excellent DJs every night to ensure a wonderful clubbing ... [more ]
Zagu 5.0 stars
Asian, Café in Las Piñas
Refreshing cold drinks are very much in demand during summer. But summer or not, you will surely love what Zagu offers. This widely spread chain of refreshment stalls specializing in flavorful shakes are nice companions whether the sun is out or ... [more ]
Plato Wraps 5.0 stars
Local, Café in Muntinlupa
Plato Wraps is something that you should try because it is probably among the few who retail healthy alternatives to the locals. Plato Wraps is usually located inside the malls, with its own space. But even if it only occupies a minor area, I ... [more ]
Fuel 5.0 stars
North American, Bar in Taguig
Soon to be one of the hottest bars in The Fort! Formerly Piedra, Fuel bar is your sexy kind of classy resto/bar with its own distinct flavor. One of the standouts in its menu is the Lambada Sisig which is lamb meat seasoned and grilled to ... [more ]
Cacao 5.0 stars
Asian, Café in Taguig
Sweet treats never fail to excite me! As my sweet tooth always craves for something to gobble, I was delighted that I found Cacao. It’s a sophisticated place that truly welcomes all chocoholics in the world. It boasts of its wide array of ... [more ]
Piedra Bistro Bar 5.0 stars
Steaks, Bar in Taguig
Out of all the fancy bars and clubs that I have been to in Manila, I can say that Piedra is one of the most enjoyable. Aside from the fact that it is located just across the most posh shopping district in the city, Piedra is flocked by a decent, ... [more ]
Memento 5.0 stars
Bar in Makati
LOVE. This is what's written on the chairs of Memento bar in Makati. And after one session here people will be coming back not only because of this word. Memento is a place where you can reminisce the good times and drink through the bad. A cozy ... [more ]
Waffle Time 5.0 stars
Local, Café in Muntinlupa
I love waffles. Good thing, I will not have to walk a mile to satisfy my cravings because Waffle Time is practically everywhere! Waffle Time serves savory waffles in different fillings—each is savory and mouthwatering. I love my waffles plain and ... [more ]
Figaro Cafe 5.0 stars
Local, Café in Cainta
Whoever said Filipino coffee is incomparable to Starbucks or to any other foreign coffee brand may be wrong—or, on the other hand, may be right. I believe Figaro is proof that Filipino coffees can be world-class and believe me when I tell you ... [more ]
Ice Monster 5.0 stars
Local, Café in Muntinlupa
Ice Monster had a humble beginning from five years back, definitely very far from how big it is today. The store was conceptualized to feed a growing demand of eating flavored ice in a tropical country such as the Philippines, especially when the ... [more ]
Absinthe 5.0 stars
Steaks, Bar in Makati
Absinthe in Greenbelt is one of the most popular party places in Manila. The club gets DJs from all over the world to spin a few good beats for the fun-loving patrons. The drinks are a bit expensive but the atmosphere is absolutely electric. ... [more ]
Candy Corner 5.0 stars
Local, Café in Las Piñas
I am a child at heart and for people like me, Candy Corner is a sanctuary. Since Candy Corner invaded the malls in the country, I found just the perfect place to serve my sweet tooth’s cravings. This store has candies in all shapes, sizes, ... [more ]
Mocha Blends 5.0 stars
Australian, Café in Las Piñas
One good thing about BF Resort Village in Las Piñas City is that it’s full of cozy places to chill out at. One of those which I recommend the most is Mocha Blends. It boasts of its comfy ambiance, clean area, Wi-Fi access, and delectable food and ... [more ]
Sugarhouse 5.0 stars
Local, Café in Mandaluyong
As opposed to popular belief, Sugarhouse is not all about sweets. Yes, Sugarhouse is famous for its sumptuous serving of cakes, pastries, and every thing else a sweet eater would want. But for me, it is more than just an ordinary pastry house. ... [more ]
Go Nuts Donuts 5.0 stars
Local, Café in Las Piñas
Talk about sugar. Talk about nuts. What do you get? Go Nuts Donuts! I’m sorry if you find it clichéd, but I think this is the sugar rush effect. Needless to say, I just had a bite of my favorite cinnamon-glazed donut from Go Nuts Donuts—the new ... [more ]
Quickly 5.0 stars
Chinese, Café in Las Piñas
It’s summer here in the Philippines and the heat is on! So, what’s the best thing to do to avoid the warmth? I strongly suggest you go to Quickly—a small cold drinks parlor that has branches in the USA, Europe, and Asia. Quickly’s drinks ... [more ]
Coldrock 5.0 stars
Café in Makati
The Philippines, as a tropical country, has many stores that satisfy every local’s cold cravings. Admit it or not, I know that even if you’re from Antartica, you’ll still love the most popular dessert in the world—ice cream. Coldrock simply ... [more ]
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