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Taba Vacations, Tourism and Travel

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There are safari trips that takes you in the mountains of Sinai, there is a very famous castle built on an island called "Pharaoh Island" it was built in the times of the crusades by Salah El-Din to protect Egypt from the east and it is one fantastic place to visit. There is also the M.S. Henry de Monfreid boat which is a pirate boat replica which takes you on a full day snorkeling, if you didn’t enjoy swimming with the colored fish you will sure enjoy sailing.
Taba is a very nice place to visit having so many things to do in such a small place. [more ]

The drive through mountains

We got into our car heading for the remotest city in the east of Egypt, our... [more ]

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1. Sofitel Taba Heights 4.0 stars
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