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Taba Travel Tips

5.0 stars

Insider advice for your Taba vacation , Red Sea

Ahmad Torky
Attractions 5 stars
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There are safari trips that takes you in the mountains of Sinai, there is a very famous castle built on an island called "Pharaoh Island" it was built in the times of the crusades by Salah El-Din to protect Egypt from the east and it is one fantastic place to visit. There is also the M.S. Henry de Monfreid boat which is a pirate boat replica which takes you on a full day snorkeling, if you didn’t enjoy swimming with the colored fish you will sure enjoy sailing.
Taba is a very nice place to visit having so many things to do in such a small place.


Ahmad Torky
The drive through mountains 5 stars
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We got into our car heading for the remotest city in the east of Egypt, our eastern gate, an area occupied by Israel till 1989.
According to Camp David agreement Israelis can pass the border in this area for 48 hours visa free, which makes it a popular toursitic site among them.
There is an international Ariport in taba about 30 km from where i was staying
It is about 470 Km for Cairo, the highway is ok but don’t travel at night, there is no light. On your way you will pass through Ahmed Hamdi's tunnel which crosses below the Suez Canal. When you are about 80 km or so from Taba you will pass by a very dangerous, curvy mountain area, the road twists and turns like crazy, so you make sure you pass that in the morning, but this part is AMAZING, they have a concrete barrier along both sides to prevent any rocks from falling to the road but they have openings in that barrier and areas wide enough to park your car and enjoy the extraordinary view of the mountain.


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