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Samoa Travel Tips

4.0 stars

Insider advice for your Samoa vacation

What a place. There is always laughter around you. What a happy- go-lucky and carefree existence. The pigs and chickens and dogs that roamed freely through the villages as we made our way to Apia, (the capital) - on that two-way narrow road. The villages spread through the crops of palm trees everywhere. Children playing and calling out "hallo palagi" - meaning hi european. You forget the world exists when you visit Samoa. There are many shops that are very western. There are night clubs and bars. Apia is set round a bay and on the water front there is the market that always has fresh produce on hand. At certain times of the year Samoa has running rain. You are able to see the rain coming towards you, giving you fair warning to get under cover before you get drenched. It can be quite hot and sometimes you welcome the downfall. I made my way down to the market place where the locals had spread themselves out (under cover) to sell there wares from fruit to vegetables, fish and clothing. I happen to be the only european in one particular section of the market and as one only reads about, I went for a skate on a banana skin much to the delight of everyone around me where there was an explosion of laughter. You just had to laugh along with them. No damage done and it was funny! If you visit Samoa just be aware of the mosquitoes. They seem to like fresh blood but this is a minor discomfort (soon fixed with cream or spray) to the welcome you will receive and the laughter and smiles on faces everywhere. There are many beautiful swimming spots and coves. Oh and if the wind gets up, don't sit directly under a coconut palm because if one of those things fell and hit you on the head, you would probably be spending the rest of your holiday in the local hospital for concussion. A most enjoyable experience.


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