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Tây Ninh Travel Tips

5.0 stars

Insider advice for your Tây Ninh vacation

Cu Chi Tunnel System 5 stars
This tunnel system is a really famous attraction in Vietnam, that many tourists would consider as a have-to-see. It is a remain of the vietnam war, that is now opened for all tourists. This 200-kilometer connected tunnel system was built by the Viet Cong only with bare hands and spades. They have mostly all the necessary facilities down there from medical stations to kitchens and dining rooms. A wonderful construction after all to be built without any modern technics and any help from maschines. Really amazing is that this construction has three stories and leads to many different part of Ho Chi Minh City. An underground town!


Cao Dai Temple, Tay Ninh 5 stars
The Cao Dai Temple, which represents the Caodaism in Vietnam, is located in Tay Ninh province. I could not understand at first why they had all kinds of symbols of different religions in their temple. Then a priest told me about this religion. It is a combination of Christanity, Buddhism, Islam, Confucianism, Hinduism, Geniism and Taoism. Cao Dai literally means high tower or palace, a metaphor for the spender of spiritual groth. And its central philosophy pertains to the duty that the faithful perform for themselves, their family, society and the world at large. Now that I know more about this religion, I can actually understand why they would worship an eye, what you can easily see on every wall of the temple.


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