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Tel Aviv Attractions

4.0 stars
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Ben Gurion Airport 4.0 stars
Airport - #1 of 10
Upon exiting the country, a traveler must be aware that they will be questioned and have their luggage fully searched before boarding. Travelers with laptop computers will especially be scrutinized at Ben Gurion. During my exit, they had me ... [more ]
Rabin Square 4.0 stars
Sculpture, Monument, Statue, Memorial Place - #2 of 10
I still remember seeing the events on TV but somehow it gives you a different feeling to visit here. This is a large square in Tel-Aviv where many demonstrations are held against war and supporting the peace, and it was in one of them, on ... [more ]
Carmel Market 4.0 stars
Market Place - #3 of 10
The Carmel Market (or, Shuk HaCarmel) is a must see for any transient visitor to Tel Aviv. It's an old world feel in a new world city located at the end of King George Street and Allenby Street. Tip #1: Be aware of your surroundings and your ... [more ]
Dizengoff Centre Sopping Mall 5.0 stars
Shopping - #4 of 10
Easily accessible in the heart of Tel Aviv is one of the first major shopping centers in Israel. Located on Dizengoff Street, it has several entrances, any of which will all take you directly into a shoppers heaven. Be aware that at these ... [more ]
Ramat Gan Safari (Zoo) 5.0 stars
Zoo, Aquarium - #5 of 10
A five minute drive outside of Tel Aviv will bring you to the Ramat Gan Safari. Not only is it a traditional zoo, but it also features a "live" zoo area where visitors can drive their cars past African animals such as zebras, hippopotamus, and ... [more ]
Steimatzky Bookstore 5.0 stars
Shopping - #6 of 10
It's the oldest and best bookstore in Israel! And lucky for us, there's a whole chain of Steimatzky Bookstores across the country. I've been to quite a few bookstores in Israel and Steimatzky is the best for English speakers. I always seem to ... [more ]
Meir Garden 4.0 stars
Park - #7 of 10
One of the perks of living or visiting a major urban city are its parks. Tel Aviv is no exception. Along a the major tourist route of King George St., is Meir Park. When attempting to find my way to the Carmel Market on Shaynkin St., I noticed ... [more ]
Gordon Beach 4.0 stars
Beach - #8 of 10
Gordon Beach, Tel Aviv is one of the most popular beach going locations in Tel Aviv. Not only is it an ideal place to swim but because it's proximity to many of the major hotels makes it the most convenient beach to find. It's literally only a ... [more ]
Ulpan Gordon Language School 4.0 stars
Government Building - #9 of 10
I don't expect many short-term tourists (visiting only for a few weeks) to be interested in this travel tip, but I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the Ulpan Gordon Hebrew language school. If you're interested in getting more from ... [more ]
The U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv 3.0 stars
Government Building - #10 of 10
Regardless of a travelers nationality, when traveling overseas, you should take note of your nation's embassy. In the case of American travelers, our embassy allows us the option to alert our embassy of our travels overseas in case of an ... [more ]
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