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Quảng Ngãi Travel Tips

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My Lai Village 4 stars
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It is really hard to describe how I felt when I was there. This is where the famous fierce My Lai Massacre took place. I had not been really aware of this place untill dad told me about it when we were driving by Quang Ngai province. Even though the whole village was burnt down and there is not much left now of what they used to call My Lai village. All we could see were the burnt houses’ floors. There is however a museum, where they display all the relevant materials, photos and writings about this massacre. They also put up some figures trying to describe how it was when the american soldiers came to the village and killed mostly women and children there.
I do think that it happened a long time ago, and many people do think so too. However, take a good look at this place will be nice too. I mean, just to see how it really was. I saw some photos of this massacre in War Remnants Museum in Hochiminh City too. But the real scene and the atmosphere here is completely different from what you may see at any museum after all.


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