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Tlalpujahua de Rayón Vacations, Tourism and Travel

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Monarch Butterfly

This last time we didn't go to see the butterflies but it is something worth mentioning... Monarch Butterflies fly from this part of Mexico to the southern part of Canada, I have had the chance to visit both places and they are both very different... In Canada you get a more secure trip since you have to ride a little train to go and see the butterflies, In Michoacan you get to see and feel Nature, there are two ways of checking out the butterflies one is walking and the other is by horse... anyway the experience is magnificent.
I would never recommend this walk to older people since it is very tiring. If you can go it is something worth seeing... how this incredible animals fly... [more ]

Tlalpujahua Hotel

So after our afternoon walk, and our lunch digested... we headed to the... [more ]

Tlalpujahua town

Tlalpujahua is a very small town, with lots of life... most houses are... [more ]

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