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Tübingen Travel Tips

4.0 stars

Insider advice for your Tübingen vacation

Tuebingen 4 stars
Tuebingen is a really wonderful place. The city center is one of the nicest small cosy town centers I have ever encountered. It has a very pleasant market square surrounded by very old buildings and in the same time containing enough shops to have the impression that this is actually a market square. Around it there are many streets among those type of beautiful houses. There are several nice small churches, all of them very old and well preserved of which the Stifthskiche is the nicest, oldest and most important. Above the town is the Castle of Tuebingen which offers a breathtaking view towards the city and the surrounding mountains.


The French Quarter 5 stars
The French Quarter is a renovated old French army base in Tuebingen. All of the old fences have been removed, but it is still possible to make out where they were. The old army housing been turned into student housing. Many of the buildings have been renovated.

What is so special about this area is that it has been built to be self sustaining. Residential housing is mixed in with shops, business offices, and food shops. There have even been books written about this place. One such book is called Tuebingen: an example of high density residential planning. All of the old Army structions have been reused in unique ways. An old mess hall called Panzer Hall has been turned into a place where kids can play soccer when it is raining. The whole area is unlike the other parts of Tuebingen. Most of the buildings can also be considered ultra modern. They make efficient use of their space and use the newest design materials.

Living in the French Quarter has also been a great experience. The area is so green and friendly. Small kids can walk around without worry and there are many student bars and restaurants that offer student pricing. The French Quarter is all together a very nice community to live in.


Market Square 4 stars
A great place to spend the day in Tuebingen is in the Market Square. Many shops can be found here including H and M as well as many other not so famous clothing stores. My favorite of them all has always been Zinser where I was even able to find a suit at a good price.
In the market square they also sell lots of tasty italian icecream as well as flammkuecken. Goto the restuarant with the big X in it. I had some really great flammkuchen here. Another place that I really enjoy going to is the castle. This is located up on a hill and can be seen from most parts of the market square.

During the week there is usually a cheap food market where you can buy fruit at a really great price. In this area there are also many small flowing rivers that seem to be unique for this area. To get to some of the shops it creates a small moat to which you will have to walk on a small footbridge in order to get them.
If you are looking for some cheap bread check out Tobi's. This is located right by the Neckarbruecke. Here you can all kinds of tasty pretzel and bread at student prices. If you are looking for a student prices cafe, check out the student cafe located on Wilhelmstrasse. Here you can get most drinks for around 1 euro.


Stocherkahnrennen - Tübingen Boat Races 5 stars
7 June 2007
Be sure to try and see the Boat races in Tuebingen. During this competition the local frat boys as well as other local teams race against each other. Everyone dresses up in crazy outfits. This year I saw dwarves, pirates and roman soldiers all racing against each other. An hour or so before the races start, the boats present themselves and try to get the crowd to cheer for them. Check out some of the pictures I attached to this post to see some examples of the costumes they wear.
People start lining up for these boat races hours before the actual event. Everyone lines up against the Neckar bridge to see this beloved event. There are beer vendors, food and everything being sold at this event. Also right in the area from the Bridge while you wait for the event to start is the restaurant Kalender. They have the best Doeners in town. A Doener is a Turkish specialty, that is probably the best form of fast food in Germany.
The goal at the end is to make it first around the insel in the Neckar river to the end finishing point with your crew still there as well as boat still in one piece. The winners of the race get to drink a whole lot of beer and have a party that they don’t have to pay for. The losers get to drink a half liter cod liver oil. This part is also fun to watch. Don’t leave right away, but stay to watch the losers suffer and see how there faces turn to disgust when they drink down some really disgusting cod oil.


Tübingen: University City 4 stars
If you are south of Stuttgart in Germany, visit Tübingen. This University has a lot to offer, not only a lot of students.

One of the most popular activities is sitting in the beer garden at the Neckar Muller brewery. This beer brewed right in Tübingen sits directly next to the Neckar Bridge and has a great overview of the Neckar river. Right above the brewery is also great authentic Spanish Restaurant, El Chico's. Be sure to visit during the day as they usually have half off all cocktails.

On Thursdays head over to the clubhouse located on Wilhelm Strasse. Here the students throw a party every week sponsored by a different student club. No cover to get in and cheap drinks. The upper level of the clubhouse offers live music, a techno room, and also a room just for chatting.

During the day, check out the castle located in the Alt Stadt. This gives the best overview of Tübingen and you are able to see the flow of the Neckar, the most known river in Tübingen. They also offer a great museum, which in my opinion is worth the couple of Euros to get in.

When you have time to get a bit out of the city, a few kilometres away is the Bebenhausen. This old Monestary provides a good look into how monks lived in the 15th century. Simply take Bus Number 826 from the Bus Bahnhof. It comes nearly every half an hour throughout the day.


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