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Tübingen Attractions

4.0 stars
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Stiftskirche 4.0 stars
Church, Cathedral, Chapel - #1 of 6
Going up to the tower of the Church in Tuebingen provides the best view of the entire city. The entrance fee to go up will cost only 1 euro and includes entrance into the Choir of the Stiftskirche where monuments of the dukes buried below are ... [more ]
Hohentübingen Castle 4.0 stars
Castle, Fortification, Palace - #2 of 6
I would recommened spending some quality time on the castle. Here you can get one of the best views of Tuebingen. When I have free time, I usually like to go up here just to see the town from up high. I am usually able to see most of the city ... [more ]
Stadtmuseum 4.0 stars
Museum, Gallery, Exhibition - #3 of 6
I took a trip to the city museum located right within the center of Tuebingen. Here they cover the history if Tuebingen back from when it used to be surrounded by castle walls all the way to today. It was hard to really enjoy the museum, ... [more ]
Hölderlinturm 4.0 stars
Building - #4 of 6
The Holderlin tower sits right on the neckar is very easy to spot. Look for a the yellow tower on the side of the Neckar bridge away from the Neckar Mueller restaurant. I had a free pass to go in to the Holderlin Turm so I decided to use it. ... [more ]
Tuebingen Rathaus 4.0 stars
City Hall - #5 of 6
The city hall (Rathaus) of Tuebingen is very beautifully painted with depictions of either allegorical personifications (like Justice and Learning) or real historical personalities that had been important for town’s history and development. There ... [more ]
Open Air Bath (Freibad) 4.0 stars
Other Urban Landmark - #6 of 6
The Swim Bad is a great place to cool off in Tuebingen. I had never been there before so I went today. There they have three pools. One pool is large, the same size as an olympic pool. There it is possible to swim laps. I could barely make ... [more ]
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