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Quảng Trị Travel Tips

5.0 stars

Insider advice for your Quảng Trị vacation

Vinh Moc Tunnel system 5 stars
You surely do know about the famous Cu Chi Tunnels. Well, this is just a very same kind of tunnel, the only thing different about these two is one is in Tay Ninh in the south of Vietnam and the other one is in Vinh Moc, about 20 km north from the Ben Hai River. The villagers at this village did not have many choices during the Vietnam war, as they had to face the incessant bombing by the US and ARVN forces. They started thinking about digging, about building a tunnel system so that they would be no longer affected by the bombing. Unlike the Cu Chi tunnels, this tunnel system were thought for living. The tunnels are considerably larger and also have three levels to the lowest going to a depth of 30m with 12 entrances. The living quarters often consisted of a family having to squeez into a chamber with dimensions around two by one and a half meters dug out from the main corridor. They do also have a museum next to the tunnel system nowadays, where you can actually learn more about this tunnel system and its history.


Hien Luong Bridge on Ben Hai River 5 stars
Famous Hien Luong Bridge was first built by French sappers in 1950 and was selected as a temporary demarcation line separating the country into the North and the South under the Geneva Agreement on Vietnam signed in 1954. Before the Bridge was built, the only way to transport goods and people across the river was by boat. However, not too long after the bridge was built, Vietnamese people could not cross the river anymore without a very special permission from both side, but I think it was mostly thought for Diem’s goverment to sign. Hien Luong Bridge is now a historic landmark and of course a great tourist attraction.


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