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Travel Guide Venice

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Venice - Travel Guide


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Venice, Italy

As always, it is dangerous when one expects so much of a place. I have always wanted to see Venice, and when I got the chance I almost couldn't believe it.
Just walking in Venice fills one with a sense of culture and history. And of course, if you are there, you just have to go on the gondolas, and experience the attack of thousands of pigeons on the Piazza San Marco - seriously, be careful!
But the one thing that disappointed me of the place was the general dirty state of it - there was human waste drifting in the water! And walking in the many narrow little passages, one becomes acutely aware of the decay.
That said, in a sense it adds to the charm of the place.... [more ]

Venice on the cheap!

Venice remains my favourite European destination, it is truly unique. Of the... [more ]

Need to have a day that doesn’t blow your budget or break the bank?

I really wanted to get a good feel for Venice without getting overwhelmed by... [more ]

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