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Verona Vacations, Tourism and Travel

4.0 stars

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A trip back into history

Verona is amazing. I normally schedule my visits around a trip or two to the world-famous opera, but the city itself is rife with history and a rich atmosphere. Museums and galleries abound, as does a wide variety of shopping and dining experiences. The pizza in Verona is some of the finest I've ever had, and the servers tend to be slightly more friendly than in other Italian cities. Summer can be hot and humid, but September or April are lovely times to go. While you're there you'll want to visit other parts of the Veneto, for sure, but certainly you can spend a week in Verona without getting bored, especially if you're into music, art, or historical landmarks. [more ]


Verona is a great city in northern Italy. The whole old town is wonderful,... [more ]

Ham and cheese for lunch

Sidewalk cafes are a great way to go in Verona, especially if you feel like... [more ]

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Verona - Top Locations

Top Rated Attractions

1. Verona Arena 5.0 stars
2. Piazza delle Erbe 5.0 stars
3. San Zeno Maggiore 4.0 stars
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Top Rated Restaurants

1. Cesare Sottoriva 5.0 stars
2. Tre Marchetti 5.0 stars
3. Pizzeria Impero 5.0 stars
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Top Rated Camping Sites

1. Camping Castel San Pietro 4.0 stars
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