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Travel Infos Spain

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Spain - Travel Infos

Travel Season:

Its different climate zones make Spain very diverse:  while in the South, for example in Andalusia, the average daily temperature ranges around 40º C (104º F), the North of the country offers more moderate temperatures , comparable to summer days in France or Germany. 

The ideal time for a summer vacation in Spain is the time frame from April through the beginning of October.  During this time rain is scarce.

For a cultural vacation, Spain is a great destination all year around.  Especially suitable however is Winter or late Fall, since low or off-season rates are surely offered, museums are less crowded, and thanks to the mild temperatures of around 15º C (60º F) life still takes place outdoors during the winter time, for example in street cafés.  

Those seeking to try out the fantastic snow of the Pyrenees Mountains should ski during the months of December through March.  14 peaks of the Sierra Nevada reach to a height of 3000 meters (9842 ft) and are covered with snow year round.


Spain is a member of the European Union, payment with the Euro is accepted everywhere.


Spain by tradition is a popular vacation destination in which visitors are received hospitably and as a rule are sure to spend an untroubled, easy-going time.  Nevertheless, particularly in the larger tourist resorts, pickpockets and misdemeanor criminality call for caution.

During vacation season, occasional attempts of robbery towards tourists have occurred along the Spanish highways (particularly along A7 between the French-Spanish border point “La Junquera” and Barcelona).  The victims were made aware of supposed damage on their vehicle (for example a damaged tire), and were offered “help”.  Be sure to use only busy rest stations to avoid becoming a victim.  Ensure that, should you encounter a vehicle problem, only tow trucks bearing the “Autopistas” symbol or the name of the company you called for help are hired.

Lock your vehicle at all times and don’t leave any objects lying in plain sight within your vehicle. 

Entry Regulations:

Germans may enter Spain with a valid passport or personal identification card.  German children’s passports are accepted; children under 16 years of age may also enter Spain if they are entered in one of the parents’ passports.   

Children under 15 years, traveling alone, should have a notarized permission letter signed by a parent or legal guardian (advisably with Spanish translation) with them at all times during traveling.

Since the terror events of 11 September 2001 in New York and those of 11 March 2004 in Madrid, vacationers traveling by air are subject to heightened security measures when entering and departing the country.


All persons who have legal health coverage in Germany have an entitlement to medical care if urgently required.  A European Health Insurance Certificate (EHIC) or replacement certificate serves as proof of insurance (either document is available from your local health insurance center).

It is highly recommended that travelers obtain an International Health Insurance policy which covers those risks not covered by the legal health insurances (for example: required assisted home transportation, treatment by private doctors, or private hospitals).

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