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Travel Guide Spain

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Spain - Travel Guide

The kingdom of Spain is the number one travel destination of Germans.  It’s no wonder:  hardly any other European country offers a larger variety of scenery, culture, and leisure activities than the aerially third largest country of Europe. 

Spain, with its 2000 beaches is the clear “Beach European Champion”.  With the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea and the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean, Spain also offers the most sought after European vacation islands.

And even in Africa you can find a piece of Spain:  the exclaves Ceuta and Melilla. 

If you are seeking a sportive challenge with your vacation, Spain is the place for you!  Whether it’s Golf on the Costa del Sol, which offers some of the most beautiful golf courses in Europe, or mountain bike tours through almost deserted villages and romantic valleys-for nearly all Sportsmen –and women Spain will have an offer in store.

The mountain ranges of the National Park “Sierra Nevada” with it’s untouched, breathtaking beauty will call to hikers; the 200 yacht harbors offer sleek yachts to vacation skippers; and the most popular water sports such as snorkeling, diving, surfing, sailing, jet skiing, and waterskiing can be enjoyed in most any village and town along the coast.  The icing on the cake of leisure activities however, is the ski slopes of all difficulty levels in the Pyrenees Mountains and the Sierra Nevada.  Even cross country skiing is possible-and if you are fast to travel, you can ski in the morning and spend a restful afternoon on the beach. 

The Spanish Mediterranean coast is sectioned into five coastal areas:  closest to Germany lays the Costa Brava with vacation resort towns such as Lloret de Mar, a particular favorite among young tourists.

The perfect beach vacation is taken on the “Costa Blanca”.  Its many resort towns such as Benidorm not only offer great hotels, restaurants, and bars, but also a diverse selection of sport and leisure activities.  Interesting day trips may be taken to Alicante, Lorca and many others.

The “Costa del Sol” is the southernmost coast of Spain.  It is close to Africa, which is noticed in the area’s architecture.  Small white houses in the hill sides are indicative of the Mauritanian influence in the region.

The most beautiful Islamic structure in Europe is found in Granada:  the “Alhambra”.  It is an impressive citadel built in the Mauritian style, which today is considered a World Heritage Site. 

The “Costa de Luz” also lies on the Atlantic Coast.  Here, vacationers will find fantastic beaches, grand National Parks, and the Surfers haven “Tarifa”.

The Spanish metropolitan cities of Madrid, Barcelona, or Granada offer a rich, diverse selection of culture:  top of the line museums such as the “Museo Del Prado” in Madrid or the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao allure visitors with one of a kind exhibits; fans of architecture will be rewarded during a visit in “Gaudís”, Barcelona.  The city’s world famous Spanish nightlife with its Clubs, Discos, and Bars is sure to offer something for everyone…because celebrating is a Spanish way of life!   

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