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Spain Restaurants

4.0 stars

Top Restaurants in Spain

Euskal Etxea 5.0 stars
Spanish, Restaurant in Barcelona
Pinxtos is usually known as a part of the bar culture in Spain: they tend to play second fiddle to drinking and socializing in what would otherwise be seen and known as a regular bar. However at this restaurant, Pinxtos are the main event. ... [more ]
Artemisa 4.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Madrid
It is one of the first vegetarian in Madrid and they have kept the quality, abundant food, well cooked and well served. [more ]
Zak's Plaice 4.0 stars
Seafood, Restaurant in Garrucha
Visted Garrucha recently. First time there and had just an hour to eat. I had no idea I liked or missed fish and chips so much. Went along to the very lovely Zak's Plaice - follow the signs from the front - absolutely delicious. Best mushy peas ... [more ]
La Taberna del Pintxo 4.0 stars
Spanish, Restaurant in Marbella
I love the tapas at Pintxos! All you have to do in seat down and wait for any of the waiters passing around all the tables with freshly made tapas on top of a nice piece of bread. We sat on the tables outside and the waiter kept coming out, first ... [more ]
Museo del Jamon 4.0 stars
Spanish, Restaurant in Madrid
After walking along Madrid, I would recommend a stop in one of the Museo del Jamon, a chain of restaurant, delicatessen and café that offers a great typical food. The place is a reference in Spain due to the impressive range of Jamons (hams), ... [more ]
La Vinya del Senyor 4.0 stars
Local, Restaurant in Barcelona
A wine bar located at the foot of Santa Maria del Mar in the trendy Born district, La Vinya changes its sampler wine list every two weeks to offer an attractive panorama of Spanish wines. The menu announces ( in French) some freshly made petite ... [more ]
Nou Manolín 5.0 stars
Restaurant in Alicante
Ask bout where you can get exceptional seafood delicacies in Spain and I will recommend the Nou Manolin restaurant to you. Whether looking for tapas varieties, shrimps, hams, shellfish, and many other stew or fried fresh fish varieties, Nou ... [more ]
Baisaki Indian Restaurant 5.0 stars
Indian, Restaurant in Palma de Mallorca
The best indian restaurant I have ever been to. Infact, the best restaurant I have ever been to. A dramatic setting with rose petals, heavy red drapes and candlelight. Very romantic. There are no menus and when you walk in you will be ... [more ]
Tarifa Eco Center 5.0 stars
Steaks, Restaurant in Tarifa
We discovered the The Tarifa Eco Center through a friend. This Vegetarian Eco Friendly Organic restaurant served great traditional and exotic dishes mainly using local and organic ingredients. The highlight was the traditional fire oven pizzas, ... [more ]
Restaurant La Pena 5.0 stars
Spanish, Restaurant in Pinoso
Restaurant La Pena, is a small traditional Spanish restaurant in the town of Pinoso, It has seating for about 30 people. It is located in one of the small side roads of this town. I have been to this restaurant for the ‘menu del dia’ – menu of ... [more ]
La Alegria 5.0 stars
Spanish, Restaurant in Mijas
La Alegria Restaurant (The Joy) was really delightful. We sat on the top roof with fantastic views to the mountains and the square. This restaurant was absolutely great value. They had a menu of the day for €8 including drinks, 2 main dishes plus ... [more ]
Pizzeria Tarantino 5.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Alicante
Pizzería Tarantino is a restaurant on the main Explanada de Espana, in Alicante (opposite the Port of Alicante), that I have been to on several occasions. It is one of my favourites in Alicante, where I go with family and friends when they come ... [more ]
Casa Torcuato del Albayzin 5.0 stars
Portuguese, Restaurant in Granada
The dynamic Torcuato brothers- Manuel i the kitchen and Rafael serving up fron- ensure the continued popularity of this tavern, opened back in 1932. With its friendly, typically Granadian atmosphere and generous portions of highly original tapas, ... [more ]
Reial Club Marítim 5.0 stars
Restaurant in Barcelona
With its immense floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Port Vell marina, The Reial Club, the ultra-selective Club Maritim's super-chic restaurant, also welcomes guests passing through town and non-members. Sample house specialities such as ... [more ]
Horcher Restaurant 5.0 stars
German, Restaurant in Madrid
The success of this elegant restaurant has lasted for some fifty years, and its cuisine is still inspired by traditional Central European recipes. In season, diners savor such game as partridge and venison and the famous Don Victor consomme, ... [more ]
Fast Good, Madrid 5.0 stars
Fast Food, Restaurant in Madrid
If you like healthy food with good fresh ingredients that still tastes good - this is a place for you - it's also non smoking! Modern bright lime green and white decor, but the idea is that you don't stay there that long - Fast Good (food)! Even ... [more ]
Monasterio La Santa 5.0 stars
Spanish, Restaurant in Totana
Known locally as "La Santa", this place is a hotel and restaurant set in the Sierra Espuñas and is mid-way between Totana and the medieval mountain village of Aledo. I have travelled a lot, but this place is truly beautiful and has to be seen to ... [more ]
Tai Pan 5.0 stars
Thai, Restaurant in Madrid
I love places with a set menu! This is one of a zillion restaurants in Madrid's Chinatown/Asiatown, but for some reason we felt the need to go to this one twice because the two-person set menu banquet was so unbelievably good. We had a lot of ... [more ]
Los Manueles 5.0 stars
Spanish, Restaurant in Torremolinos
We visited Los Manueles for lunch. The place was full so we waited a few minutes for the first table available . There were at least 4 waiters and all of them where constantly moving from one table to the other. We had someone different for ... [more ]
Cerveceria 100 Montaditos 5.0 stars
Spanish, Restaurant in Marbella
I really like the peculiar way of ordering at the 100 Montaditos. You seat down on the table and you find a long list of different Montaditos. Montaditos are small warm white or wholemeal breads with a range of fillings, from Serrano Ham, Spanish ... [more ]
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