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Spain Attractions

4.0 stars
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Lorca Castle 5.0 stars
If you go to the visitor centre (Centro de Visitantes) in the city, you can get a timetable and tickets for the small tourist train that runs through the streets, showing off some of the best architecture and buildings. You can combine it with a ... [more ]
Barcelona Beaches 5.0 stars
City beaches in Spain are generally a lot cleaner and nicer than they are everywhere else. In fact, while the city of Barcelona has tons to visit and you could definitely come back several times and still not have seen everything, a lot of ... [more ]
Gran Teatre del Liceu 4.0 stars
Undoubtedly, however, opera is the Liceu's main squeeze. If you're a senior citizen (65 and above), you're guaranteed 30% ticket discounts to all foyer shows as well as the same discount on the day-of any performance--two hours before curtain. ... [more ]
Casa Batlló 4.0 stars
This "block of discord" in Barcelona is a fantastic destination and a definite must-see for those who love architecture. There are three famous houses here, each done by a different modernist architect and each with a distinct style. Although I ... [more ]
Tivoli Land 4.0 stars
This trip was the highlight of the holiday for the kids, and adults alike! The entrance fee for the family was very reasonable, we bought the special bands that get you on to virtually every ride. You have to pay extra for some of the more ... [more ]
Sierra Nevada Ski Resort 4.0 stars
For once in my life I didn’t mind queuing. The mountain road to the Sierra Nevada skiing resort in southern Spain was unusually busy and we were bumper to bumper with other cars heading for the slopes. However, it gave us plenty of time to take ... [more ]
Montjuïc 4.0 stars
This hill on the eastern end of Barcelona has been the site of at least two famous exhibitions. The 1929 World Exhibition and the 1992 Olympic games have given this hill some of its most famous buildings. There is so much to see and do here ... [more ]
L'aquarium de Barcelona 4.0 stars
When our second day in Barcelona started out cloudy and rainy, we decided to go to the Aquarium. It seemed like we were not the only ones. We stood in line for about half an hour, but it turned out to be worth it. The tanks are arranged by ... [more ]
Amusement Park at Tibidabo 4.0 stars
Amusement Park at Tibidabo is located at Pl. Tibidabo, 3-4 and it will be of interest to both children and adults alike. Well it may not be as educational as the Zoo or Aquarium but for sure you will have plenty of fun. Situated at the top of the ... [more ]
Retiro Park 4.0 stars
In the middle of the non-stop city of Madrid is the tranquil Parque de Buen Retiro, a huge public garden where you can escape the hustle and bustle and relax. I would definitely recommend a stroll through the wide walkways and around the enormous ... [more ]
Museo Dalí de Figueres 4.0 stars
Dali’s museum is located at Plaça de Gala-Dalí 5. Since I did not spend much on tourist sights in Girona, I did not mind that the ticket price was a bit higher for Dali’s Museum. Plus I have been such a huge fan of his work ever since my ... [more ]
Gibralfaro Castle 4.0 stars
The visit to the Gibralfaro Castle is included in the ticket to La Alcazaba. There used to be a connection between the two but it is now in ruins so to reach the Gibralfaro castle we walked up the steep and windy sidewalk. It is really worthy ... [more ]
Parque del Buen Retiro 4.0 stars
The Parque del Retiro, just two steps from the Gran Via, is like an oasis of tranquility in the middle of a hectic city. It is pretty crowded on Sunday mornings around the Estanque Grande where people go to enjoy puppet shows, readings of tarot. ... [more ]
Parque de María Luisa 5.0 stars
Not far from the center of Seville and across the Avenida de Isabel la Católica from the Plaza de España is the María Luisa Park. This area was originally transformed for the 1929 Spanish-American Exposition. Here you will find shady lawns, ... [more ]
Magic Fountain 5.0 stars
As an artist I was simply overwhelmed by this beautiful invention. It a culmination of all arts with the result Art brings out into the world: getting all the people together. it s joy to see how all the nationalities are surrounding the fountain ... [more ]
Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia 5.0 stars
This is of course the great, unfinished Temple of Barcelona, designed by Gaudi and first started hundreds of years ago. My tip is to visit on a Sunday, as I did, this I believe keeps queuing down to a minimum and allows you to take in the beauty ... [more ]
alcazaba 4.0 stars
The Alcazaba in Málaga is in the old town. There are two entrances, one by the Roman Theatre and a second entrance behind the Málaga Town Hall. This second one will take you directly to the Alcazaba Palace in an elevator allowing to see the rest ... [more ]
Plaça Catalunya 4.0 stars
Placa de Catalunya (Catalunya square) is the heart of the wonderful city of Barcelona. It is a great open pedestrian square, marking the beginning of many of the city’s most important streets (La Rambla, Passeig de Gracia). All around the year ... [more ]
Port of Barcelona 4.0 stars
Barcelona port is another hub nub of activity mostly because at the port all of the luxury cruise liners that dock here for the tourists to have a look around Barcelona. What is interesting and worth while to check out are the docks and shipyards ... [more ]
Gran Via 4.0 stars
Gran Via is one of the most famous long avenues in Madrid City. It´s packed with cinemas, shops, restaurants and bars. Although is famous for having expensive restaurants you can also find affordable prices in many of them. Shopping wise, ... [more ]
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