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Spain Attractions

4.0 stars
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Bolnuevo Erosions 3.0 stars
The Bolnuevo Erosions are strange, prominent figures created by time and erosion of the soft rock here at Bolnuevo, Puerto Mazarrón. There are several spooky, stand-alone sandstone stacks, and behind these is a walk up onto the top of the hill, ... [more ]
Laza Carnival 3.0 stars
Getting hit by tons of mud or flour, escaping from biting ants and hiding to avoid getting hit with the thorns of a big plant are part of this fantastic, fun, rural Carnival Festival. In the morning there is a big mud fight in the small main ... [more ]
Museum of Archeology of Catalonia 3.0 stars
Museum of Archeology of Catalonia is located at Pg. de Santa Madrona, 39-41 Parc de Montjuďc. At the Museum of Archeology of Catalonia you can find artifacts from Catalonia that shed some light on its Ancient history and Prehistory and you ... [more ]
Totana Market 3.0 stars
If you happen to be stopping in the area, a visit to the weekly market in the town of Totana should be a must. Held on a Wednesday, come rain or shine, the market takes up the streets adjacent to the Rambla, or dried river bed. Everything is on ... [more ]
Port Forum 3.0 stars
Port Forum is located at C/ de la Pau, 12 (08930 Sant Andriŕ del Besňs) and it begins at Avinguda Diagonal. This is a marina unlike you have never seen before it is divided into the outer dock and the inner dock. But there is also a dry dock that ... [more ]
Museum of Geology 3.0 stars
Museum of Geology is located at Parc de la Ciutadella. The Museum of Geology dates back to 19th century, more accurately to 1882 when it opened its doors as the first public museum in the city of Barcelona. It was home to the collection of ... [more ]
Palau de la Generalitat 3.0 stars
Palau de la Generalitat is located in the Gothic quarter at Pl. de Sant Jaume. This is the seat of the autonomous government of Catalonia. The building itself dates back to 15th century and it was not finished until 19th century, so it had had ... [more ]
Deyá Beach 3.0 stars
This is one of the most peculiar beaches I have been to. In the first place, it was not so easy to find the last road to get there. The signs are not clear at all, and you will probably need to ask somebody in town as I did. Then you have to bear ... [more ]
Castillo Sohail 3.0 stars
The Sohail Castle dates from the Moorish times and one of the landmark symbols of Fuengirola. It can easily be seen on top of the hill from the Motorway as you enter Fuengirola. To get to the castle we walked through the windy and steep paths, ... [more ]
FuengiroLa Zoo 4.0 stars
I´ve very recently visited the Fuengirola Zoo. I really loved it as you feel like you are walking in a forest. Also I love the fact that it was very easy to see the animals in each section. I´ve been to other zoos where you need to be lucky to ... [more ]
Molino de Quintin 3.0 stars
MOLINO DE QUINTIN is a windmill that is located at the edge of the beach called Playa de La Mota in San Pedro del Pinatar. I have seen this windmill on my visits to the area. It is now just a tourist site to see, but in days gone by it was used ... [more ]
Museo Historico Municipal 3.0 stars
Museo Historico Municipal (Municipal Historical Museum) Aspe I have visited the Municipal History Museum of Aspe, curious to see how the Spanish do things, compared to the UK. I have to say, it is reasonably the same but on a smaller scale. And ... [more ]
Moraira Market 2.0 stars
On Friday mornings, between 9-12 or so (later in the winter, sooner in the summer, as the sun gets too hot throughout the day) just inland from the sea, in part of the town car park is the Moraira Market. It is not a flea market, so it doesn't ... [more ]
Vera Market
Every day is market day in Almeria. There’s always at least one going on somewhere. One of the biggest is the Saturday morning market in the small town of Vera. It’s lively, the air is full of the smell of chicken slowly turning on a ... [more ]
Miro Foundation 1.0 stars
Situated on a hilltop over looking the city of Barcelona, the Miro Foundation contains the most concise and interesting collection of the artists work. From his early paintings to wall hung tapestries of immense proportions; every room is one ... [more ]
1 Euro shop 1.0 stars
There is a 1 Euro shop (used to be 100pts shop) in Santa Ponsa, Malloca. It is situated across the road from the large supermarkey Caprabo a bit further down towards the beach. The lady in here will rip you off so really be careful with your ... [more ]
Lighthouse 2.0 stars
Santa Pola is a town in the province of Alicante. I like Santa Pola for the sea air and nice areas to walk and explore. It is about 10 kilometres from Alicante (El Altet) airport and about 15 kilometres from Alicante city. An interesting part of ... [more ]
Mining Heritage Site 2.0 stars
This is really a walk that takes you through the old mining area just oustide the town of Mazarrón. Situated just at the edge of the town of Mazarrón as you enter for Mazarrón north, you can park at the site and walk up the hill to see the old ... [more ]
El Hamman - Arabic Baths 2.0 stars
This is a must do if you visit Málaga City! Just 5 minutes from the Picasso Museum you will find the Hammam. You may need to ask for directions from the Museum as it is an rather narrow street. The Hammam or "magic bath" consisted of 2 dry heat ... [more ]
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