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Spain Attractions

4.0 stars
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Plaza de Toros 4.0 stars
It might be peculiar, but mixing modern upbeat tapas with a traditional ancient sport might be the perfection concoction for the Spanish. D'Cuadros is a fashionable futuristic tapas bar hidden in the historical circular bullfighting ring, ... [more ]
Alcazar de Jerez 4.0 stars
The perfect manner in which historical monuments dating back to thousands of years have been preserved in Spain is one thing that has never stopped to amaze me. I have always felt puzzled and inspired by the intact features of the ancient ... [more ]
Balneario 4.0 stars
Well, as you might know, Balneario 6 is the german part of the Arenal. It’s full of german discos and clubs. I personally don’t like it, because everything is rather expensive and made specially for germans. As I was living in the Arenal, I ... [more ]
Mojácar Beach 4.0 stars
One of the brilliant things about this beach is that even in the height of the tourist season, it isn't crowded. That’s largely due to the fact that it stretches for several kilometres. I’ve never felt crowded or cramped here, unlike many other ... [more ]
Moors & Christians Parade 4.0 stars
Aspe is a town in the province of Alicante. It is approximately 25 kilometres from Alicante and is signposted clearly from the A31 (Alicante to Madrid) motorway. The town itself is surrounded by vineyards where one of the main produces is table ... [more ]
Santa Ponsa beach 4.0 stars
There is a little beach in Santa Ponsa. If you go past the Playas Del Rey Hotel go down the road to the right and go straight on, the little beach will be on your right. Its a very small cove and has lovely deep clear blue water. Its very safe ... [more ]
Gothic Quarter 4.0 stars
The very center of Gothic quarter is the Placa del Rei and many of the Barcelona's buildings that witness its past are located here. The seat of the Catalan government is located here, as well as the Cathedral and the church of Santa Llucia. It ... [more ]
Casa Vicens 4.0 stars
You can't actually go inside this Gaudi architectural gem as it's closed to the public but you can admire this beautiful building from outside (and afar). Apparently, this was the first building that Gaudi worked on after he was appointed as an ... [more ]
La Manga 3.0 stars
La Manga or La Manga Strip as it is also known as is an area in Murcia that I have been to. Whilst staying in the San Pedro del Pinatar area, I wanted to have a look at the famous La Manga. (It is famous for the La Manga golf resort where a lot ... [more ]
Texas Hollywood 3.0 stars
This is the place where I let my inner child roam free, and it dressed up as a cowboy to protect the ranch from those pesky varmints in bandit country. Texas Hollywood theme park is a collection of old western film sets located in the Tabernas ... [more ]
Columbus Monument 4.0 stars
Columbus Monument an be found on La Rambla, next to the sea. The 60 meters high Mtardor de Colom can be found at Portal de la Pau. It is supposed to mark the spot where Columbus arrived in 1493 after he has discovered America. Do not get ... [more ]
Atocha railway station 4.0 stars
If you're coming from abroad or even from Spain, it's quite likely that you'll end up travelling through Atocha train station, it's the main station in central Madrid. Whilst you're there, or whilst you're seeing the big three museums, you should ... [more ]
Mercat de la Boqueria 4.0 stars
Mercat de la Boqueria is located on La Rambla and it is a central market on La Rambla that offers anything and everything you can think of – from fresh fish, fruits and vegs to bread and meat. As you already know I love my markets and it does not ... [more ]
Boqueria Market 4.0 stars
Just off Las Ramblas is the bustling market place of Boqueria market. Filled with the colour of every conceivable fruit, the front of the marketplace holds your eye and welcomes you in. It appears, the closer the market stall to the entrance, the ... [more ]
Dunas de Maspalomas 4.0 stars
The Maspalomas Dunes is an amazing and fun place to visit! Just like a piece of the Sahara in the corner of and Island. The dunes go for kilometers by the beach. The dunes change continuously with the strong winds which is a main feature of this ... [more ]
Plaza Mayor 5.0 stars
Plaza Mayor was a beautiful and classic rectangular square in the center of Madrid. I really love this square´s buildings facades. The walls have beautiful paintings giving this large square a romantic aura. We sat down in one of the terraces ... [more ]
Alcázar of Segovia 5.0 stars
this historical palace now shows visitors round to glimpse a little part of its fantastic history. As anyone who knows anything about spanish history, nothing seems to have had just one life over its many centuries and this is no exception. An ... [more ]
Teide 5.0 stars
I have been to the National park twice and I haven´t been able to see all of it! When we arrived we had just missed the last cable car going up( they closed around 4pm) so an earlier visit next time is due. I was there in November, so it was ... [more ]
La Giralda & Cathedral 4.0 stars
I have been told that Giralda is the most important tourist attraction of Seville. It definitely is a must. It is part of the cathderal, but it used to be part of the mosque the Moors built. The catholics turned it into a cathedral and added a ... [more ]
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