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Spain Attractions

4.0 stars
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Alhambra 5.0 stars
The inside of the Alhambra is magnificent and its beauty is almost beyond description. It looks like a palace out of a fairy tale. Nearly every wall is adorned with intricately detailed carvings or beautiful mosaic work. While you will ... [more ]
La Sagrada Familia 5.0 stars
On trips through Europe, it's easy to have old Gothic cathedrals muddle in your memory and become one big blur of stained glass and gargoyles. The cathedral in Barcelona is nothing like these at all: even a friend who had seen the huge cathedral ... [more ]
Las Ramblas 4.0 stars
This pedestrian walk runs from the Plaza Catalunya to the Christopher Columbus monument at Port Vell. There are a number of great pubs, restaurants and shops along this route. There are also mimes, news kiosks, and people who dress up then pose ... [more ]
Park Güell 5.0 stars
We had been advised to see the Sagrada Familia as a priority in Barcelona and to take in other Gaudi stuff afterwards but we were lucky enough to get a ticket to the Parc Guell and Sagrada Familia for only 2 euro more than just to the Sagrada ... [more ]
Old Port 4.0 stars
Barcelona has done an outstanding job of making their port area attractive. Port Vell is a beautiful port lined with shops and full of sailboats and yachts. The effect is quite charming. We ate lunch here one day in one of the many restaurants ... [more ]
Montserrat 5.0 stars
Montserrat, or "serrated mountain" in English, is a beautiful mountain made up of jagged rock formations, for which it was named. It seems impossible that anyone could have built anything on this steep mountainside, much less a monastery, but ... [more ]
Parc de la Ciutadella 5.0 stars
Walking through the Parc de la Ciutadella, we came upon a seemingly incredibly random statue - a statue of a giant stone mammoth. It is between La Cascada and the larger lake right off the pathway. It's a popular place to take pictures. You ... [more ]
Museu Picasso 5.0 stars
Prior to visiting this museum, I was not particularly a fan of Picasso. My preferences lean toward a more traditional, realistic form of painting. In spite of my preferences, a visit to the Museu Picasso changed my view of Picasso. I had never ... [more ]
Museo del Prado 4.0 stars
Well not literally, but his paintings and objects. A major retrospective to commemorate his birth in 1909, it's on till 19th April only - so hurry! I wasn't a huge fan, but this exhibition changed my perspective. He was obviously a very talented ... [more ]
Museo Nacional d'art de Catalunya 5.0 stars
Located on Montjuïc, this building was originally built for the 1929 International Exhibition. It currently houses the National Art Museum of Catalunya, which is a wonderful museum to visit. Inside you will find Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, ... [more ]
Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía 5.0 stars
if you’re caught on a Saturday (between 2:30 pm and 8:00 pm) or Sunday (10:00 am to 2:30 pm), head over to the Sofia for free admission. Busy on the weekend? You're in luck. Just as the museum has a host of world class artists, it also has a ... [more ]
Cathedral of Santa Eulalia 4.0 stars
A very charming street, called Carrer del Bisbe Irurita runs alongside the cathedral in the Barri Gòtic. This narrow street has been designated for pedestrian traffic only, making it a nice place to walk. There is a beautiful archway/walkway ... [more ]
Encebras village 5.0 stars
On the 21st February 2009, Pinoso will hold a Carnaval day. People from all over the town will dress in all manner of different costumes that they have designed themselves, and there will be a parade throughout the town. This is a day of ... [more ]
Catedral de la Almudena 4.0 stars
Madrid’s Almudena Cathedral was finished just in 1993, although the initial construction plans date back to XV century and the construction itself started in the late XIX century. Built on top of an old Muslim mosque, the Cathedral’s Crypt was ... [more ]
Casa Milà 4.0 stars
The Casa Milà is one of Gaudí's many unique creations that can be found in Barcelona. This building is just as interesting on the inside as it is on the exterior. The roof is particularly fascinating with the multiple sculptures that populate ... [more ]
Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela 4.0 stars
If you are lucky enough to visit the great cathedral of Santiago de Compostela on a high church or feast day then you should see the world’s largest incense burner in action. The cathedral is the proud owner of the “botafumeiro” a 1.6 metre high ... [more ]
Cathedral of Granada 5.0 stars
The Cathedral in Granada was spectacular, both up close and from a distance. It is so large that it is easy to identify from the Mirador San Nicolás. If you enjoy architecture, I wouldn't miss this. The cathedral is done in Renaissance style ... [more ]
Arc de Triomf 4.0 stars
Arc de Triomf in Barcelona is a very interesting triumphal arch, very different from all others triumphal archs I have seen around Europe. First of all it is red! Built of some kind of reddish stones, this is the only non-white triumphal arch I ... [more ]
Generalife 5.0 stars
The summer palace of the Muslim rulers, located at the far end of the Generalife, is as captivating as the rest of the Alhambra and Generalife complex. The Patio de la Acequia is beautiful. One of the palace walls rises gracefully at the end of ... [more ]
Parque Nacional de Timanfaya 4.0 stars
One of the highlights of a visit to Lanzarote is exploring the volcanic landscape of Timanfaya National Park in the dramatically named Fire Mountains. This eerie moonscape is dramatic and beautiful and better yet you can give in to your inner ... [more ]
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