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Bao Loc Vacations, Tourism and Travel

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Bao Loc

Travelling to Dalat city, Bao Loc town will be a perfect stop on the way from Hochiminh City to this flower city. You will for sure recognize the town by the smell of the fresh tea here, as almost all the locals plant tea for their livings. And of course it is something that they can do best because the tea here always have a perfectly fresh smell of great tea. Of course, it is not the only thing that the locals are good at. Silk is also on their short product list. They all have cultivation of the mullberry leaves to feed the silkworms. The weather gets a bit chilly when you get up there? No big deal, you can make a very short stop by some rest stops in town, where you are offered some... [more ]

Bay Ho restaurant - Bao Loc

Before arriving Bao Loc, you would be able to see a pretty big restaurant on... [more ]

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1. Hung Phat 3.0 stars
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