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Asia and Middle East Restaurants

5.0 stars

Top Restaurants in Asia and Middle East

Leslie's 5.0 stars
Asian, Restaurant in Tagaytay
One best thing about Leslie’s is that you can’t simply leave the place after you have paid for your food unlike in other restaurants. In this resto, you can do more than just eating and enjoying the ambiance. Just do what my friends and I did. ... [more ]
Pizza Company 5.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Muntinlupa
The cheery, appetizing atmosphere will surely entice you to return to Pizza Company as it has enticed me time and again. Of course, with a price range of $25 for a meal for eight to twelve people, who would not want to go back, right? Plus the ... [more ]
Kubo Grill 4.0 stars
Local, Restaurant in Quezon City
Being a newly inducted regular, I have found many reasons to love this unique place. First, it provides us (me and my friends) the perfect spot for our “chilling-out” needs while sustaining our bellies with great affordable and delicious meals we ... [more ]
Tapsi 4.0 stars
Asian, Restaurant in Manila
The great thing about Tapsi is that it’s the vampire among bars in the sense that it lures the innocents and primes them for corruption. This joint is a great venue for meeting new and interesting people. Most of which are musicians in bands, ... [more ]
Carinderia Sefali Bomika 4.0 stars
Asian, Restaurant in Quezon City
I really enjoy dining in Sefali. It feels like it is detached from its surroundings; as if it is in another dimension. I love it even more during the night especially when I am eating with people who are special to me. Many a bond has been formed ... [more ]
Queen's Tandoor 4.0 stars
Indian, Restaurant in Kuta
I came to this place for a zillion times. I know how bad is this restaurant discrimination against the local, but all this time I still can handle it, since I know they hired uneducated staffs mostly. but this time is the worst I ever ... [more ]
Lau Pat Sat 4.0 stars
Asian, Restaurant in Singapore City
Nothing beats sitting in the warm tropical heat, savouring the spicy flavours of typical Singaporean food, right on the street in the heart of the bustling city center. Midnight supper at Lau Pat Sat is every local's favourite activity on a ... [more ]
Aristocrat Restaurant 4.0 stars
Asian, Restaurant in Manila
Other than the Filipino Barbeque Chicken tradition at "Aristocrat's Restaurant" is the fact that the restaurant is actually part of a chain of restaurants in the Metro Manila area which includes the more Spanish and East Asian inspired Filipino ... [more ]
Nizam's 5.0 stars
Indian, Restaurant in Kolkata (Calcutta)
Good Muslim food is the USP of Nizam’s - fragrant mutton and chicken curries, succulent kababs and aromatic biryanis (rice cooked with meat), and of course the kathi. One can choose from a range of stuffings - mutton, chicken, beef, or paneer. ... [more ]
Likha Diwa Vegetarian and Seafood Cafe 5.0 stars
Asian, Restaurant in Quezon City
Whenever I travel, I always scout for the best restaurant in the place I am currently in. When I say best, I usually mean cheap prices, delicious food, and good service. But after eating at Likha Diwa, I added another factor that determines the ... [more ]
Sunrise Mexican Grill and Taco Bar 5.0 stars
Oriental, Restaurant in Bangkok
Had Sunrise Tacos several times delivered to my office. It is very tasty. I recommend the ground beef quesadillas, nacho supremes and the double wrapped flour tacos which I always enjoy with refried beans and rice on the side. The prices are ... [more ]
Best Indian Food Catering 4.0 stars
Indian, Restaurant in Singapore City
During our house warming party I invited my office staff. Many of my IT staff co-works are of Indian Origin and most of them are Vegetarian. The food catering for the house warming party mostly consisted of had Western food that included Beef, ... [more ]
Mashitta 4.0 stars
Asian, Restaurant in Quezon City
Whenever I am in Mashitta, one good thing I always notice is the mixture of cultures. There are Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, and sometimes some Westerners. Most of these visitors are exchange students or simply those who have ... [more ]
Shangri La River Front Hotel Restaurant 4.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Bangkok
I also had another observation about the Hotel’s latest “offer”. Whilst the lobby bar was very beautiful, it was an indoor bar and had no access to any patio or terrace. Although the windows did front the river, we felt that we would be somewhat ... [more ]
Mainland China 4.0 stars
Asian, Restaurant in Kolkata (Calcutta)
I started off with a Chicken clear soup, followed with baby corn in sauce. Noodles, rice with shredded chicken, Crispy fried Lamb and Chicken in honey garlic sauce made up the main course. The restaurant dishes out some great sea-food, be it ... [more ]
Cecile's Bermuda Country Restaurant 5.0 stars
Asian, Restaurant in Las Piñas
can i have the information regarding to a resevation and the menu for the bday party on may?how much much the cost and the menu ? [more ]
Mahogany Market 3.0 stars
Asian, Restaurant in Tagaytay
Located along the road going to Batangas, Mahogany Market is accessible through jeeps with route passing by "NBI Tagaytay" or all buses going to Alfonso, Mendez, Cavite, Nasugbu, and Balayan, Batangas. Just tell the jeep or the bus driver to ... [more ]
Ate Fe's Kitchen 3.0 stars
Asian, Restaurant in Quezon City
I usually love eating noodle soups after a stroll at a park. But I don’t always go to parks. Whenever I feel like strolling or nature trekking, I just go to the University of the Philippines (UP.) No, I don’t go there because it’s some kind of a ... [more ]
Cyma Greek Restaurant 3.0 stars
Greek, Restaurant in Boracay
I first encountered the tiny restaurant called Cyma's after a hyper charged morning shopping in the beach stall in Boracay's D'Mall in station two. I remember it was a cute nautical looking place as if small boat had been used to build the ... [more ]
Lutong Bahay Eatery 3.0 stars
Asian, Restaurant in Quezon City
I’ve eaten in Lutong Bahay many times than I care to count, and I can say that I have established my usual orders. See, before I chose what food to order years back, I always asked what their sweet dish was. But now every time I come in, the ... [more ]
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