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Asia and Middle East Attractions

5.0 stars
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Beijing Olympics 3.0 stars
One day while dining at a café in Haidian district, we chatted up the friendly waiter who told us that he was really happy to have the job, so that he wouldn’t have to go home for the summer and could be in Beijing for the Olympics instead. He ... [more ]
Boracay Island 4.0 stars
I had a one-week vacation in Boracay but it seemed like the time frame was so short. Truly, time flies when you are having fun. Not only did I have fun in this island, I also had a blast of memorable experiences with my family. Honestly, my ... [more ]
SBMA Beaches 4.0 stars
Subic is not for the weak heart. The varied activities you may want to try are all breathtaking in the real sense of the word. Animal lovers can pick a fight with a companion about spending more time with the wild at the Zoobic Safari or watching ... [more ]
Sentosa Island 4.0 stars
On our last day, just before heading for the airport, we finally went for a swim at the beach. We did not choose Siloso Beach for any reason other than its proximity to the Underwater World, which was our previous stop. The water was warm and ... [more ]
Safari World 3.0 stars
I had no prior knowledge of this particular place but it looked to be quite close. Indeed the sign stated that it was around 1 km ahead, and so we decided to follow the sign and see if it was still open as it was already quite late. I had in mind ... [more ]
Kinabalu National Park 5.0 stars
You should never miss the Butterfly Farm at the Poring Hot Springs as you get to see some rare butterflies here. You can also enjoy lots of lowland orchids at the Orchid Conservation Centre and Tropical Garden. If you are lucky, you might witness ... [more ]
Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park 5.0 stars
Just 20 minutes boat trip from KK there was a group of five islands that belonged to the Tunku Abul Rahaman Marine park. Pulau Mamutik was the most popular island as it was the closest from Kota Kinabalu. There were many superb beaches in this ... [more ]
Grand Palace 4.0 stars
The Grand Palace or Wat Phra Keow is one of the most memorable places in Bangkok that can't be missed by any visitor. One of the words making up its name is the Thai word for "glass" which reminds you of something shiny! Definitely the ... [more ]
Terengganu State Museum 5.0 stars
The museum is open Saturdays to Thursdays, 9:00am - 5:00pm and Fridays, 9am - 12pm and 3pm - 5pm. The museum is closed during Hari Raya Puasa and Hari Raya Haji Holidays. Call the museum’s number 6 09 622 1444 if you have queries. Admission fees ... [more ]
La Luz Beach Resort 5.0 stars
If you are a beach lover, you will surely come back to La Luz because of its crystal clear waters. But what if you are not that type of a person, how will you be convinced to go back to La Luz and love it? My answer is simple: serenity and ... [more ]
Grand Bazaar 4.0 stars
Unlike the Grand Bazaar, I love hanging out in the Spice Bazaar. The smell alone is enough to keep me coming back, and the bright colours on display are wonderfully attractive. The prices are reasonable, and the shopkeepers, who cater to locals ... [more ]
Club Manila East 4.0 stars
Worst experience. Someone broke inside our room while me and my family were swimming. Before leaving the room, we made sure that the doors were locked, both from the ajoining door connecting the other room and the main door. When we went back, ... [more ]
MBK Center 4.0 stars
Mah Boon Krong Phone Mall was my place of choice to buy a new mobile phone in Bangkok. The mall is located on the 4th floor of the Mah Boon Krong MBK Centre which is situated right outside the National Stadium BTS Skytrain station. This was ... [more ]
Taytay Falls 5.0 stars
One important thing to bring when camping in Taytay Falls is food. This place is not a resort or something, just to remind you. It is a mountain area where food stores are absent. It’s true that there are hotels, stores, and tent-rentals around ... [more ]
The Mall of Asia 5.0 stars
I was told that Filipinos love malls. But I never really believed it until I saw the SM Mall of Asia. Simply put, this mall is huge in its ever sense of the word. The facade features a globe as its emblem. Despite its size, the architecture of ... [more ]
Wat Pho 4.0 stars
Wat Pho is the oldest and largest temple in Bangkok, dating from the1500s. The big attraction at this temple is the huge, ornate statue of the reclining Buddha, which is over 45 feet tall and 120 feet long, covered with gold leaf. On the ... [more ]
Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre 5.0 stars
If you have read my tip “Visit World’s Largest Orang Utan Rehab Centre in Sandakan”, then here is another tip related to it. There is a leader in the orang utan community at the Sepilok Orang Utan Rehab Centre or Sanctuary. The he-primate is ... [more ]
Tempurung Cave 5.0 stars
If you are a nocturnal demon, you can visit the Taiping Zoo at night. It's one of the few zoos in Malaysian that is open at night. You can visit the zoo's Safari Night from 8pm to 11pm. The night safari zoo features nocturnal animals. In the day, ... [more ]
Sungai Klah Hot Springs Park 5.0 stars
If you are hungry (which is highly likely after being heated), there is a big cafeteria that offers a variety of food and drinks. Get some souvenir from the souvenir shop nearby. If you are into burgers, try the local burgers that are sold at the ... [more ]
Chatuchak Park 4.0 stars
Be on the look-out for a busy restaurant in the heart of Chatuchak Market during lunch time! You'll likely to be in queue for a seat! Most likely a lady is cooking friend chicken under a huge blue sun umbrella is going to let you know you have ... [more ]
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