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5.0 stars

Club reviews from insiders

Zouk 3.0 stars
Club in Singapore City
Zouk out is THE place to loosen up! Get crazy and dance! [more ]
De la Coast 3.0 stars
Club in Shanghai
De la coast is the only place in Shanghai to get the amazing view of the Bund and prices that wont leave you walking home. The bar/club is small but perfect for a little intamacy during the week. When the weekend or Thursdays come along the place ... [more ]
The Arena 4.0 stars
Club in Singapore City
Slick in design and layout, this club has been transformed into Singapore's biggest R&B and Hiphop club with performance from reputed artistes and throngs of crowds gathering every night. Situated in the heart of Singapore's nocturnal spots ... [more ]
Attica 4.0 stars
Club in Singapore City
A well-known international name in the entertainment industry, Attica has set up a branch in the nocturnal capital of Southeast Asia, Singapore. Boasting an international bunch of crowd, Attica is a hotspot for all night animals, be it lounging ... [more ]
Club Suzie Wong 5.0 stars
Chinese, Club in Beijing
As the most swanky and fancy club in Beijing, Club Suzie Wong indeed provide you an nice experience. Most people like its decoration, its so special, with Old shanghai style (looks like an old opium den) mixing together French imperial kitsch. ... [more ]
Tee Box 5.0 stars
Club in Jakarta
One café that I sometimes went to while working in Jakarta was the Tee-box café; this is a great café with restaurant on the front side. Expect the loud live music when you are at the café especially when it’s T.G.I Friday night. While there ... [more ]
St James Power Station 5.0 stars
Steaks, Club in Singapore City
As the name suggests this is an old power plant built in 1927 and like many of these old facilities, this one has been renovated in to an entertainment centre Singapore has a history of multi purpose venues, so the idea of a sort of multi club ... [more ]
Temple Club/Balcony 5.0 stars
Asian, Club in Siemreab
Temple Club and Temple Balcony are jointly operated by the same owner, but seem like a world of difference. On the ground floor is the groovy Temple Club, that is transformed into a pumpin' nightspot for the young and hip. Situated perfectly ... [more ]
Womb 5.0 stars
Club in Tokyo
This nightclub was taken right out of Blade.. except for the lack of vampires it was just as cool :) The club entrance is in a quiet street and it feels like the club is not even there but when you enter, pay your fees and then go up to the party ... [more ]
6-month Story 5.0 stars
Club in New Delhi
The name is an interesting one. It's supposed to reflect the lifespan of clubs in New Delhi, but considering the caliber of the crowd and the novelty of live shows, 6-month Story has sailed past the 6-month mark. Set in the affluent part of South ... [more ]
Richys 5.0 stars
Club in Shanghai
As the saying goes, when in Rome, do what Romans do! So if you are in Shanghai and want to party, you should party like Shanghai people do. Richy is the place to do it. Its a very typical high class club in Shanghai the catars the all the hip hop ... [more ]
Club Dredd 5.0 stars
Local, Club in Quezon City
Imagine hearing these sounds: gothic and punk rock, heavy metal, angsty EMO (emotional alternative music), funky and seductive blues, fantastic jazz, and social-realist rock n’ blues fusions. If you are a music person, you’ll surely feel what I ... [more ]
Club G+ 5.0 stars
Club in Shanghai
Get ready for the ultimate clubbing experince. If clubbing is your game then G is your place. Set in a shopping mall in the beautiful Xin Tian Di this massive complex will surpass the most experinced clubbers expectations. There are two floors ... [more ]
Salsa Caribe Latin Club 5.0 stars
Club in Beijing
Beijing saw latin dancing fad swirled strongly these days, so many latin dancing bars sprung up. One of the most famous latin dancing bars in Beijing is Salsa Caribe Latin Club. Each night at 10pm there is a bank playing music ranging from mambo, ... [more ]
Carnegies Taipei 5.0 stars
Club in Taipei
Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday are always crowded at Carnegies. But the most important is Wednesday nite, cos Carnegies Taipei offers you, ladies the best party ever (Lady’s nite). You, ladies, champagne all nite and all you can drink. ... [more ]
Joe Bananas 5.0 stars
Club in Hong Kong City
It is still holding its place as the central place to go for a night out in Hong Kong’s Wanchai area and it has held this position for some 20 years with no signs of giving it up! Joe Banana's is well known as a very commercial, almost cheesy ... [more ]
World Music Room 5.0 stars
Local, Club in Manila
KTV has always been a favorite family bonding for us. Good thing, there are quite many different places that offer family KTV at its finest. One of them is World Music Room. This hip place in Greenhills, San Juan is equipped with top-of-the-line ... [more ]
Roxy Vibe 4.0 stars
Club in Taipei
Roxy Vibe is another branch of Roxy (Roxy 99, Roxy Vibe and the other one that I forget the name). Roxy Vibe gets more crowded mostly after 3 am, because people go to Roxy 99 first until they get bored and then jump into the free shuttle bus and ... [more ]
Plush 4.0 stars
Club in Taipei
Plush is one of the high class clubs in Taipei City. The entrance fee is around 10 Euro (weekdays) and 20 Euro (weekends and holidays). You have to book your table for Plush. It sounds crazy, isn’t it? Plush located on the 12th floor of an ... [more ]
Club China Doll 4.0 stars
Chinese, Club in Beijing
Club China Doll locates at the famous bar street - Sanlitun of Beijing. This futuristic club features cool African music (on the second floor) and avant-garde decoration, looks very funky and stylish. The third floor is equipped with a large ... [more ]
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