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Bahamas Vacations, Tourism and Travel

2.0 stars
Many vacation resorts call themselves a paradise – not always truly so.  The Bahamas, or so called “Out Islands”, have a paradise to offer for those seeking recreation, relaxation, and a sunny beach vacation.  For water sport enthusiasts, divers, and fishermen, it is already an established haven, but golfers will also find golf courts galore here.  The Bahamas are located approximately 80 km’s south east of Florida and 100 km’s north of Cuba. At least 700 islands and 2,400 coral reefs, so called Cays, are said to be located here.  Only 30 are inhabited though, and only 15 have been developed to suit tourism.  If in past days, the ... [more]

Bahamas - Top Locations

Top Rated Hotels

1. British Colonial Hilton - Nassau
5.0 stars
2. Grand Isle Resort and Spa
5.0 stars
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