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Würzburg Restaurants

4.0 stars

Top Restaurants in Würzburg

Alpenrose 4.0 stars
Greek - #1 of 7 Restaurants in Würzburg
The restaurant Alpenrose/Plaka is located in Würzburg on Grombühlstraße. Some colleagues at work recommended this restaurant to us. From the outside, the restaurant does not attract much attention, because it is in the basement of a big house. ... [more ]
Marktbärbl 4.0 stars
German - #2 of 7 Restaurants in Würzburg
Restaurant Marktbärbl was one of the first restaurants I visited when studying in Würzburg. Since I was new to the area, I wanted to throw myself in the deep-end and experience the local culture full throttle. Marktbärbl was my restaurant of ... [more ]
Ratskeller 4.0 stars
German - #3 of 7 Restaurants in Würzburg
It was christmastime and the family and I wanted to take a rest from the christmas shopping and come in from the cold snowy streets of Würzburg. We decided therefore to treat ourselves to a meal at the Ratskeller, opposite the main Wöhrl shopping ... [more ]
Noodlebox 4.0 stars
Fast Food - #4 of 7 Restaurants in Würzburg
The Noodlebox in Würzburg has fast become one of the best places for me to grab something quick, tasty and cheap to eat whilst in the city. It was originally set up in Austria, has three stores there, and has since opened three stores in Germany ... [more ]
Lämmle 4.0 stars
German - #5 of 7 Restaurants in Würzburg
Lämmle Restaurant in Würzburg is a true contender for my favourite restaurant. Having spent quite some time studying in the city, I have had chance to discover some real gems that provide great German food, and Lämmle is definitely one of them. ... [more ]
SAM's STEAK HOUSE 4.0 stars
North American - #6 of 7 Restaurants in Würzburg
I have eaten out at Sam's Steak House on two occasions whilst in Würzburg. Both times I have thoroughly enjoyed myself with the excellent company of my boyfriend, the quiet atmopshere of the restaurant and the friendly staff. Most recently we ... [more ]
Dschingis Kahn 3.0 stars
Mongol - #7 of 7 Restaurants in Würzburg
Dschingis Kahn is one of those restaurants that looks both beautiful from the outside and the inside. The place looks as though it has been plucked straight out of Mongolia and planted almost 10,000 miles away on the outskirts of a Bavarian city ... [more ]
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