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Cagayan Travel Tips

5.0 stars

Insider advice for your Cagayan vacation

The Abandoned Lightouse of Engano 5 stars
For locals the Spanish word Engano either means light or happiness. The first definition is correct as it serves as a lighthouse in the tip of the Cagayan peninsula. But its frightening silence gives travelers a rather thrilling experience.

Once you reach the lighthouse you can see a mirage of vandals that foolishly destroyed its rustic beauty. Even then, the lighthouse is eerily magnificent. There is a ledge at the top of the lighthouse to view the nearby islands, the cove, and the rest of the island. I can imagine how people can be insane in a lighthouse with its silence, but at the same time, I have not seen anything more beautiful than this viewpoint.


The View from Cape Engano 5 stars
Cape Engano is the most popular spot in this soon-to-be-mainstream island. From the main community in the southern side of Palaui you can take a 45 minute boat ride or a much preferred three hour hike through the mountains and then to the beach. Once you reach the beach, knowing it is fittingly pretty and all, you will learn that the view from the top is awe inspiring.

You can climb up a hill to the top of an old Spanish structure. On the way up, you can see the length of the whole cove. The water is so clear that you can see the corals from the top of the mountain. The more you go higher, the more breathtaking the view. That climb is one of the best experiences in my life. I suggest that nature travelers to get in here before "developers" come in.


Palaui is breathtaking 5 stars
Finding a nice beach spot in Northern Philippines should not be a drag since there are lots of them. Yet what chided me in a funny way is how remote islands can be so serene and peaceful. Palaui is one of those islands. Their most popular beach, Cape Engano, is a lighthouse for colonial ships during the Spanish period. I found myself almost stranded in the beach because there was literally no one there. I learned from the local people that there are a few tourist who come and go once a week. Still, it is a relatively untouched location.

The sand are shell white and the sea is gleaming green and blue. This is my best local experience so far in my "tourist life."


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