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Xiamen Travel Tips

4.0 stars

Insider advice for your Xiamen vacation

European China 4 stars
Outside Shanghai or possibly Beijing, Xiamen has the strongest European influence. The traders who used this fine city as their entry point to the vast Chinese market set up a culture which still exists today. Down in the port area it is very Chinese with the market and small eating places, but in the areas such as Hubin Bei, there are Italian, French, and international restaurants. The Living Room Wine Bar on Jian Ye Rd is one good example, and the Zhansi is almost entirely German. In the style of a beer hall, this enclave of German influence from the 1800's make European visitors feel quite at home. I think its a pity Xiamen doesn't feature very much on China itineraries, with the major cities taking precedence.


China's cleanest city 3 stars
The first thing that struck me when I arrived in Xiamen on the south coast of China, was how clean and tidy this city was. Having traveled around China for a good number of years I have grown used to places which are not that tidy - although it s something which I accept as part of the country. Xiamen is different, has a slightly European feel to it, and has the added advantage of a lovely island, Gulangyu or as it is known, Piano Island. Here there are small lanes amidst European style mansions, a left over from the days when Xiamen was the home to international traders. It really is fascinating place, often left off the China itinerary.


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