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Yaiza Travel Tips

5.0 stars

Insider advice for your Yaiza vacation , Lanzarote

Abundant Fun in Expansive Beaches of Yaiza 5 stars
Never before have I ever come across a more convenient getaway destination than Yaiza, arguably the tourism heartbeat of the southern section of Lanzarote Island. Despite being a relatively cosmopolitan municipality compared to the other Municipalities of Lanzarote island, I was reliably informed that Yaiza has successfully shrugged off competition from the sister municipalities because of its expansive transport systems, ultra-modern sporting facilities, abundant night clubs, quality accommodation facilities and amazing geographic attractions. I have always spent relishing moments at the White Beach (locally referred to as Playa Blanca) where swimming, diving, sow boarding, snorkeling and fishing are the order of the day. My day trips to different parts of the municipality took me to the famous Charco Verde, an expansive lagoon that resembles a golf course. The Great Hatcha Mountain summarizes the unique physical endowments of Yaiza and I would recommend it to any tourist visiting the municipality.


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