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Yantai Attractions

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Yantaishan park 5.0 stars
Park - #1 of 8
Yantaishan park is the most nice park in Yantai, as it combines both history and sea view. Locates at the west side of Yantai, Yantaishan park boasts great natural view and possesses the most signature building of Yantai: Yantaishan light house. ... [more ]
Binhai Road 5.0 stars
Harbour - #2 of 8
Binhai Road was build along the coastal line of Yantai and Muping. It is a very nice road, transquil and peaceful. You will find many cool sculptures along the road, also government building, parks and villas. I recommend you to start from ... [more ]
Nan shan park 5.0 stars
Park - #3 of 8
Nan Shan Park, a large public park, is nestled at the foot of Nan shan mountain. Boasting a nice mountain view and extensive entertainment rides, Nan Shan is always a popular hangout for the elderly and the young. There you can visit a zoo, ... [more ]
Yangmaddao 5.0 stars
Beach - #4 of 8
located 30 kilometers east of Yantai city, Yangmadao boasts a picturesque sea view and verdant vegetation. Its like a pearl far away city centre, leaving you only the peaceful and tranquil moment. Yangmadao (or Horse raising island) once was ... [more ]
Dongpaotai Park 4.0 stars
Park - #5 of 8
Dongpaotai Park is a sort of historic park, featuring maritime defense fort in ancient Yantai. The park boasts big wartime canons and natural sea view. The location of park is great, it was built along coastal line, so it's very relaxing ... [more ]
Wine Street 4.0 stars
Building - #6 of 8
Wine street is a newly built sightseeing palce in Yantai for showing the best wine to visitors. The Wine Street locates at the seafront, a perfect location. As Yantai is a famous wine producing place (its brand Zhangyu is renowned throughout ... [more ]
Yantaishanlu 4.0 stars
Building - #7 of 8
Yantaishanlu is a historical street in Yantai, with a trial of old Yantai touch. This street features many foreign consulates once resided in Yantai, post office of Germany, HSBC Yantai branch and old houses. The Yantaishanlu itself look more ... [more ]
Beidao 4.0 stars
Harbour - #8 of 8
Beidao is also called Zhifudao, locating at the north of Yantai. Beidao is famous for its primitive natural view, there you can see the traditional Chinese fishing village. Though only 15 miles away from the downtown Yantai, you can’t feel the ... [more ]
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