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Swaziland Travel Tips

4.0 stars

Insider advice for your Swaziland vacation

Driving in Swaziland 5 stars
Swaziland is a beautiful little oasis in the lop left corner of South Africa and well worth a visit. Surrounded by mountains that act as a natural border and right on the Kruger National Park, its an adventurer's dreamland. However, just because Swaziland is small does not mean that it does not have its own rules and regulations! One area that Swaziland has tweaked to perfection is there road structure and trapping! They often work in pairs or three's and do not use static camera's but rather will set up somewhere under cover, catching you before you can blink! They have very strict laws and will fine you on the spot, no mercy. They are also very sticky about seat belts. The king rules the nation!


Getting around in Swaziland 3 stars
The main road in Swaziland ist the highway between Mbabane and Manzini. At the main bus station busses to Manzini are departing every few minutes. To the other destinations in more outflung regions the service stops in the early afternoon, cause the villageres are going to Mbabane in the morning to stock up their supplies. The highway itself is well developed and goes through the heartland of Swaziland the Ezulvini valley. You can tell the ticketcollector where you want to go and will be dropped of where you want.


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